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Preparing for a College Interview

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There are some very practical tips for interviewing well for college admission.


To Do an Off-campus Interview, Or Not?

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The off-campus interview, sometimes called the alumnus interview or session, is done off the campus of the college you are thinking of applying to. It is often done in the applicant’s hometown or in a nearby city. Held in a coffee shop or library or some other neutral venue, this interview is a bit more casual and conversational than an on-campus interview done with an admissions staff person from the college. The reason some students do an off-campus interview is because time, distance, and/or money prevent them from going to the actual campus. Still, whether the interview is required or optional, most colleges enlist alumni to do interviews with a prospective applicant to make personal contact possible.

Alumnus interviewers both promote and recruit prospective students to a college campus. But, the question is, when the interview is optional, whether or not it is a good strategy to go through with an interview with an alumnus.


What Will They Ask Me at my College Interview?

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You have to be prepared for all kinds of questions. In both interviews, informal or formal, the questions tend to fall into categories. The most common categories include talking about your high school experience, your personal traits, your background, your interests, what you’re looking for in a college, and what your aspirations and hopes are. Below you can find some possible questions for each category so that you can get a sense of what could be asked.


What to Do at the College Interview?

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Most jobs are offered to people after the employer has given all of the first 5 seconds to evaluate the applicant. That means in interviews the first 5 seconds are the most important.


Best Answers for College Interview Questions

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It is not enough to have an idea of what the questions are at a college interview. It is not enough, either, to think briefly about what you might say and feel you're prepared. To be fully prepared for a college interview, you need to seek all possible answers by brainstorming and researching, outlining your answers, and practicing your answers.


Following Up After the College Interview

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When you walk away from the college interviewer with the goal of transferring universities or applying for the first time, you may breathe a sigh of relief, but it's not over. Yes, you may have more interviews, but I mean, it's not over with this interview either. You need to have follow-up, follow-through, the last word!


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