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Recommendations really count in your college application. We'll explain the ins and outs of getting the best recommendations. Our articles include...

How to Ask for a Recommendation

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Asking for a recommendation for a college application isn't as simple as it seems; it's really an art that many students are simply clueless about.

Let's get clued in, then.


Know What Makes A Good Recommendation

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It's good to have great recommendations for your college applications, which means, of course, you must ask teachers who will have good things to say about you to write for you, but...if those teachers don't write well—even if they have great things to say—it will not be helpful to your application.

What! All teachers are not good writers? Yes, it's true. So how can you assure that you get the best recommendations to send in with your college application? First, you should understand what goes into a good recommendation.


Sample of a Student Recommendation for College Application

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Here is an actual recommendation written by a high school teacher for a student applying to college. Names and other personal information have been changed.


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