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Special Circumstances

Taking a year off? Transferring from one college to another? Applying to college as a non-traditional student? Explaining a blemish on your record? It's all here; read about it.

Blemished Academic Record? It Shouldn't Stop You from Getting into College

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Only a tiny percentage of high school students have perfect academic records. Then there are the good to average students. Among them, many have major blemishes on their records, and for various reasons. Maybe your freshman year was a hard transition and you did poorly academically. Maybe you failed a major course like English or biology. Perhaps you don't do well with foreign languages, but the schools you want to apply to require you take at least two years of a language. Maybe you are a dunce at math, and your grades in math figure heavily in making you competitive for entering the better colleges. Perhaps you are a late bloomer, not "getting" how to do well in high school until your junior year. Maybe you are a great student, but you had family problems your junior year—the year that is most important to demonstrate on college applications what you can do. Or, you have terrible high school grades, but you have terrific SAT scores.


Should You Take a Year Off Before or During College?

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If you are just out of high school, even if you have just completed an unsuccessful year at college, you should know: College right out of high school is not for everyone.


College Admissions Waitlists

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More and more colleges are not offering admission up front, but they are putting students on their waitlist. If you are on a college's waitlist, it means they have accepted the students they want, but you are not rejected. They are letting you know if you decide to stay on their waitlist that if an accepted student chooses not to accept their slot, the college will offer you the vacated spot. Of course, you are not the only waitlisted applicant, and you will never know how many are ahead of you to take up those vacated spots. You also may, by being accepted late, have fewer options for courses and dorm placement.


Wait Listed? Now What?

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It is April 15th.

Your long-awaited letter from your first choice college has finally arrived. You open the envelope...only to find that you have not been accepted!

Wait! You have not been rejected outright either. Your favorite school has put you on their "Wait List!"

What does this mean? And what can you do about it?


A New Way to Gain Admission to your Choice College

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You've gotten your college acceptances, and you've gotten some rejections. One rejection was where you really wanted to go. Now is there no way!

Yes, there is a way.


The Basics on the College Transfer Process

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IF, after you have endured a semester and you still feel that this college is NOT for you for good reasons, then perhaps you should consider pursuing a transfer admissions process.


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