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College is about more than your class schedule. We'll help you negotiate all the aspects of college life you may not even know about. Read our articles to learn more.

Benefits of Campus Living

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Each year, thousands of college freshman must choose between living on or off campus. The choice can be difficult for many, especially for those who choose to go to a college in, or close to, their own hometown. There are some misconceptions that living on campus is expensive and can cause students to not do well in school. However, there are reasons why it can be very beneficial to choose to live on campus, especially during your first few years of college.


What You Should Know About the College Conduct Code

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What is a conduct code?

The college conduct code outlines behavior expected of its students. Those behaviors are, of course, law-abiding, but also the conduct code outlines behaviors that are respectful of others on campus and upholds the standards of behavior within the college community. Therefore, the conduct code may vary from campus to campus. You should look through your college's conduct code when you first arrive on campus, and you can obtain the conduct code most usually from the Department of Student Affairs or check it out on-line.


Academic Problem Solving

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There are various problems you may face regarding the courses you are taking. Below are some examples of academic problems and some information about how these problems can be handled. Remember to use all available resources to help you deal with such situations. You are not alone and you have recourse.


Getting Advice – Where do You Start?

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If you have a problem or a situation, if you are unhappy or need some advice, you really should not sit and stew or wait too long. You are not on your own at any college. People are on campus who can help, and you don't have to limit your resources for advice and help to just friends. They are a great resource, but being on a campus gives you scores of professional resources that will help you deal with all sorts of problems. You're paying tuition; why not take advantage of the services offered?


A Variety of College Resources Just for You

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Students new to a campus, like people new to a town, do not always appreciate what is offered and the number of possible resources there are. It is important to explore, but maybe this generic menu that suggests the possibilities will help. Of course, the names and availability of these resources will vary from campus to campus, but this certainly gives you a ballpark idea of what's out there for you.


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