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Notes for Parents

Your son or daughter may be going off to college but you are still a significant part of their lives. Here are some things to think about.

College Students Need Sleep!

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College students are not getting enough sleep, according to Mary A. Carskadon of Brown University. She does sleep research, and she concludes that students and their parents should be re-educated to know that good sleep means better grades, personal safety, and good health.


How Close Should Parents be with a College Student

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Parents who strive to develop an encouraging and close relationship with their children might produce a high-school honors student but not a four-year-college graduate.


This is a quote from a paper titled "Unanticipated Educational Consequences of a Positive Parent-Child Relationship." It was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family by Ruth N. Lopez Turley, Matthew Desmond, and Sarah K. Bruch and reviewed in The Chronicle for Higher Education by Tom Bartlett.


What is Your Role as a Parent?

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Now that your child is going off to college, here are some suggestions to help you in this parental transition.  Learn what to avoid and what you can do to be a better parent to your new college student.


Buying a Health Plan for your College Student

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 Medical costs are very high today. Now that you have the additional burden of tuition cost, what is the best way to provide health coverage for your son or daughter at college? You have a few alternatives.


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