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There are so many decisions about which tests to take, when to apply, and what tests to retake! We offer a step-by-step guide.

The SAT is a Game: Play it Well!

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In a manner of speaking, the SAT is a game – it has a set of predefined rules and a small set of topics that show up again and again, waiting to be learned and beaten. Read this article to learn some general SAT strategies based on the "SAT as a game" approach.


Should I Take the SAT or the ACT?

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You're ready to start the college admissions process and everyone is telling you that you have to take a standardized test. But there are two nationally recognized tests, the SAT and the ACT, and virtually all colleges accept either test. So how do you decide which test is best for you? We'll give you some guidance on how to decide which test is right for you to take.


Timelines for Taking College Admissions Tests

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Make sure you register for the right college admissions tests at the right time and prepare for your SAT, ACT, and even your PSAT...


New Ways to Prep for SATs

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Students today learn differently, and they have better technology. Why not use a different approach to making SAT or ACT prep more interesting and effective?


Taking the Stress out of College Admission Standardized Testing

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Mention PSAT, SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject Tests to any high school student and you will probably see instant panic! Just the thought of taking these arduous tests can produce a high level of stress and anxiety. The best way to lessen test stress is to learn about standardized tests, decide which tests to take, and develop a schedule for when to take the college admissions tests early in the high school years. Then you should have a plan and a sufficient amount of time for practice and, yes, retakes, if needed.


Tips for Doing Your Best on the SAT Critical Reading Test

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The reading section on the SAT makes up half the points of the verbal test. This section is more difficult and should be done after the sentence completion. The reading section is also long and can bog the test taker down. But, there are strategies and hints that make the reading section conquerable!


What to Expect on the Writing Section of the SAT

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The first thing to know about the writing section of the SAT is you are expected to write a coherent and well-organized essay in 25 minutes. Think about that.


How to Write for the SAT and Score

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After spending a minute or two reading and digesting the writing prompt, you have 23 minutes left to write a good essay, not a perfect one, but a good one. Here are a few tips that will help you wirte the best essay you can so you can score well on the Writing Section of the SAT.


How Scorers Rate Your Essay on the SAT Writing Test

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Below you will see a prompt and two writing samples for the Writing Section of the SAT.  In the scoring process two scorers read your essay.  Your overall score is the combination of these two scorers' ratings. 

A scorer can rate an essay from 0 to 6.  Of course, you want both scorers to rate your essay 6 for an overasll score of 12. That, however, doesn't always happen.  Of these two sample, the first received a rating of 3 from a scorer. The second received a 5. After each is an explanation for why the scorer rated as she or he did.  Maybe seeing what a scorer sees will help you earn those 6s.


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