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Charting Your Plan

Here is month-by-month advice for your high school years. Check out both timelines.

College Application Planning for Juniors

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No, your senior year IS NOT the time to begin the college selection process. The college selection process must begin your junior year!!

Your junior year is perhaps the most important year of all for preparing for your academic goals. Not only do you need to concentrate on your grades this year, you also need to meet important deadlines and complete specific college planning tasks as you begin the college selection process.


College Application Planning for Seniors

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One of the most important goals for your senior year is to remain focused on your academics. You can not allow senioritis to creep in and ruin all of your hard work in your previous high school years.

Also you have to be aware of the many deadlines you must deal with as you start the college application process: testing deadlines, financial aid deadlines, scholarship deadlines, and, of course, application deadlines. This is a year where organization is critical.

Hopefully this timeline will help you keep track of the things you need to get done month by month!


Juniors' To-do List For College

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Juniors, you might think the worry and work of applying to college starts next year, but you would be wrong.  They start long before that!

Actually, the junior year is very important in the college application process for three reasons.


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