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Standing Out from Others

Here are some helpful suggestions about how to distinguish yourself as a high schooler so you will be more competitive applying to college!

Diversity Can Help You Get into College

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Many students think if they are not ethnically or racially diverse, they have missed the window of opportunity to catch admission officers’ attention. The problem is students do not usually understand how diverse they really are.


Community Activities Make a College Application Stand Out

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Community involvement is not just for adults. For those who are applying to selective colleges, community involvement can make a difference between acceptance and rejection. Of course, what a student does in the classroom and in school is important, but colleges are looking to build community, too, and admission committees want to know its future students will be part of their community effort. Also, select colleges are looking for students who will graduate as well-rounded citizens and community contributors; it’s a feather in their caps and, quite frankly, means a good possibility of successful alumni making monetary donations to their alma maters!


Summer Programs that Look Good on your College Application

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Distinguishing yourself is not only about working even harder for grades or taking another study course for the SATs; it is about being passionate and getting involved.  One way to show your passion is to attend summer programs in your area(s) of interest or work.


How to Make Your College Application Stand Out

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In high school it’s hard to stand out. You naturally want to be part of your peer group, and there are many cliques that define you before you know it. Who wants to be “different?”

But, being different for the right reasons could actually help you go to the college of your choice.  Why?  All that you do in high school will be reflected in your college recommendations from teachers, principals, and coaches--even on your transcript.   How you are evaluated by your school and through your guidance counselor's evaluation can help you with your college application and mean gaining admission to the college of your choice.

It’s never too early to be different, which is, indeed, sometimes being yourself—not being like others. Maybe beginning to walk down a different path is really learning to be yourself.


Getting Noticed in High School Can Get You Into College

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When you apply to colleges, it is a very competitive process, so the more people who have seen you, who have taken note of you, and who like you during the course of your four high school years, the more sources you have to draw on as recommenders who will say positively that you are the best. That will impress the college admissions officers where you are applying!


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