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Your High School Path

Decisions you make in your high school years can propel you into the best position for applying to colleges. Here's the scoop.

How Parents Can Prepare for College

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The college application process is long and hard. It is something your college-bound child will go through most of his or her high school career—yes, most of the four years. Although it is a process for the student, it is inevitably also a process for the parent(s). A parent cannot help but be involved, and his or her involvement is a great asset to the student’s success.

Here are some pieces of advice for parents who are starting to navigate the whole college application process.


Going to College? What to Ask your High School Guidance Counselor

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Your high school guidance counselor is a very valuable resource. S/he is your first step to getting into college. The guidance office is the clearinghouse for information you need to take the right path to prepare yourself for college admission.

The guidance counselor has information on both colleges and careers, and it is in her office where you begin the hard work of applying to colleges--from selecting the colleges you apply to to preparing your high school transcript and resume. It is in your high school guidance office that you can learn about college admission testing, financial aid, and how to schedule college visits and interviews.

Your relationship with your guidance counselor should be a four-year one. Getting to know your counselor as a freshman will allow you to develop a good understanding of each other. If this is not possible, each year it is important to meet your guidance counselor at the beginning of the year, get to know him, and schedule regular visits.

We have put together some areas for you to make sure you discuss with your guidance counselor so your meetings are more effective and that you get the information you should have as you plan for your college future.


Can Too Much Praise Hurt Chances for College Admission?

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New studies indicate there is backlash to praise of student achievement and intellect. The old philosophy was that high praise equaled high achievement. The reason--if students felt confident, they would be more able to learn and compete. Unfortunately, although this approach has been practiced for decade, we are not seeing much academic growth. In 2006 the Brown Center on Education Policy Report revealed U.S eighth graders did only middling well on their math scores compared to their counterparts around the world but had high confidence in their mathematical ability. The question arose, why would these children work harder to improve their skills?


Parents, Here are Some Basics for Keeping your High School Student on the College Track

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Your guidance and involvement as a parent during your son’s or daughter’s high school years are very important to their high school success and later to their college experience.


What Your High School Academic Record Says About You

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High school is the stepping stone to your future! It is a time of exploration, self-discovery, and growth. Most importantly, it is a time to prepare for college.


Extracurricular High School Records Can Dazzle College Admissions

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Academics is important to the college admissions committee, but it is not the only factor that will be considered in the admissions decision. You have to strive for excellence in ALL aspects of your high school experience. Beyond your coursework and the grades you achieve in classes is your extracurricular record. Your extracurricular record is probably the most significant non-academic factor that admissions will consider.


School Citizenship Counts

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Although academics and involvement in extracurricular activities are indeed two important factors that are seriously considered by college admissions committees, you should be aware of the importance of school citizenship to college officials. Building a positive reputation among your peers and faculty alike will not only help you have a satisfying and enjoyable high school experience, it will also enhance your college application.


How Does a Student-athlete Get Recruited for College Admission?

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College coaches are not everywhere at all times. They actually do not see most high school student-athletes. So how do you get noticed by a college as a high school athlete?

It starts way before your senior year!!


Planning a Portfolio for your College Application

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A portfolio can help you create a better college application.


Seniors, Beware: An Acceptance Does Not Give You a Vacation

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Something happens at colleges during June and July. Admissions Offices begin to check the high school transcripts of the seniors they have accepted.


Tutoring Can Give Students the Academic Edge!

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Students today who have high life goals are faced with a new reality. They MUST do well in high school to reach their dreams. Because of educational reforms on both the national and state level, combined with a very competitive college admissions process, students MUST demonstrate high academic achievement in every school subject and on all standardized tests. The stakes have risen, especially in relation to college admissions. But what can be done to ensure student's success in class?


Do NOT Let Your High School Grades Slip!

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High School is your stepping stone to college. Your record from high school represents you. That means your high school grades are important! Not only are your grades important, but teachers who see you doing good work can write the much-needed college recommendations. Also, when you do well in high school, you tend to do better on your SAT and ACT scores, another part of your college application package.


Going to College Might Mean Specific Career Education

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Why are you thinking about education after you graduate from high school? It’s probably because you are thinking about your future and how to make it successful. That means getting a job. But remember, a job is work you do for money. A career is something you love, take pride in, learn from, and advance in!  You are really looking for a career. Considering the number of hours you are likely to work in your adult life, the career you choose will affect your quality of life in a very big way. That’s why you want to love what you do.

How to Choose Medical Careers

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A medical career is a very attractive profession, and it will give you both financial status and prestige. In society, you will be held in high stature. If you want to work in medicine, you should complete a medical course at a recognized university or institution. Health care professionals are considered the saviors of human beings. A caring and competent one will give a patient a new lease of life. Therefore, you need to be very knowledgeable and well experienced so that you will be able to rejuvenate a patient by caring for him during his illness.


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