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10 Tips to Create a Successful College Application

Written by CB Experts

It is harder and harder to compete for college admission. Beyond  selective colleges even public schools like the University of North Carolina accept only about 30% of applicants. Also, more college-bound students are submitting applications so you will find yourself competing with people who are not even interested in the school you are applying to.

The way to best improve your chances of getting into a college is to have a stand out application. Here are 10 tips for making your applications the best they can be.

1. Deadlines for applications vary from November to January. Regardless, put your application in as soon as you can and beat the crowds.

2. Follow the application directions. Many application forms are similar, but each has its own variation. Make sure you have read all the directions and are following them for each application form.

3. Cleanse your social media. Although admission officers are not searching for you, they do get tips and hear rumors and might check you out.

4. Make sure you have a good resume that includes all your activities, contributions, honors, and participation for your four years of high school. If you need help developing your high school resume, you may want to contact  For a very reasonable fee, they will provide you with an easy-to-use template to create your resume; and, once completed, they will also polish your completed resume.


5. Concentrate on writing the best personal essay possible. The essay is a very important element in your application. It should be about you more than about what you have done and should reveal your personality. You might want to have the professional editors at review your final draft so that it is in the best possible shape before you submit it to your colleges.

6. When asked to write a few sentences about why you want to attend the college you’re applying to, the trick is to write more about your fit with the college than about what the college offers.

7. Do not repeat information. Make sure any written or supplemental materials go beyond your resume and transcript.

8. Things you accomplish in your home town/city are more important than going on resume-building trips or doing one-day volunteer stints.

9. Make sure to get contact information for one person in the college admissions office and email that person from time to time with questions and updates on your senior year.

10. Make sure you follow up with the office of admissions after you have sent in your application to make sure it is complete.

There is so much to do! These are 10 simple things to concentrate on to make sure your application is a worthy one.

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