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The Secrets To Making Your College Application Stand Out

secrets to making your college application stand out
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College is an exciting, new chapter for every student. Graduating from high school is a big step towards a future of endless possibilities and opportunities. It opens doors to new connections, allowing long-lasting relationships to form. It all seems thrilling until you realize that it’s time to start writing your applications.

Different schools and different countries have different ways of handling their application processes. It’s not wonder students can get scared or overwhelmed. Don’t let these feelings stop you from going after your dreams and achieving your goals. Here are a few essential secrets that will make your college application stand out.


There are many nuances included in every college applications. The most important is your essay, which explains your motivation to apply to a specific university as well as why you are a strong candidate. It may seem odd at first, but formatting go a long way.

Beautiful layouts and wording show that you took the time to prepare and think about the application in depth. It also shows professionalism and organization skills, which admissions boards value a lot.

You can find a few valuable tips on how to format your college application essay correctly through various online essay writing services. They offer great formatting insights, and, if the tips are not enough, you can ask an expert writer to help you with a personal essay, that would showcase your best abilities and impress anybody.


Great applications take time. Depending on the school or course you’re applying to, you may need to spend many hours researching and writing your application. If you aren’t careful, this can lead to time-management challenges that can impede your success in school. You risk not being able to balance out school work and college applications. You have to prioritize one above the other. At this point, college needs to be your #1 focus. In order to ensure your schoolwork doesn’t suffer, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

This can include requesting assistance from experts, parents, or fellow classmates who are either done with their application or haven’t started yet. While college applications are stressful and time consuming, remember that everything calms down once your applications are complete.

Don’t show off: be honest

While you might be thinking the opposite, admission boards rarely look at applications that only talk about achievements. We aren’t saying that your success stories are unnecessary.. Simply remember that there needs to be a balance between positive and negative experiences for an authentic feel.

Application letters should show that you have encountered specific challenges in your life as well as the lessons that you’ve learned from them. Speaking about your successes without mentioning any failures causes immediate suspicion and lack of trust. Admission officers need to see that a student is willing to grow as an individual and become an expert in their field of interest. Be conscious of your wording and phrasing so that you don’t come across as too cynical. Your goal is to be honest while impressing the admissions officers.


Whether you’re an American or international student, you are required to have specific level of English language proficiency for almost all universities. The best way to show your abilities is by writing a flawless application letter, with grammar and language well-suited for the essay topic. Be sure to read through your essay a few times, as well as have friends, teachers, or family members take a look as well before you send it off. Having a set of fresh eyes take a look at your writing may help catch some mistakes you’ve glanced over. Remember, asking for help is not something to be embarrassed about. It demonstrates that you are willing to utilize a number of different resources in order to present yourself as a strong candidate.

Think beforehand

It’s no surprise that a poorly-planned application will fail to impress.Hopefully by now you have started taking extracurricular activities and have been an active participant in your high school experience. Admission boards need to see proof of your achievements not only from your essays, but also from the awards and accolades you’ve received along the way. These recognition of your accomplishments demonstrate persistence, dedication, and hard work on top of your in-school efforts. Additionally, skills in sports and other extracurricular activities not only show off your talents, but can also open up scholarship opportunities when application time comes around.

You can do it

By planning ahead and making an effort now, you can ensure that you stand out as a great candidate on your college application. Remember to work hard, get motivated, and be yourself and you’ll do great!

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