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The Importance of the High School Resume

Written by CB Experts

Most high school students think a résumé is not needed until one graduates from college and is in the process of finding employment. This is far from the truth!  It is an essential part of your college application.

Because admission to college is so highly selective today due to the marked increase of students applying for the limited open slots, it is imperative that you find a way to stand apart from all of the other applicants. A high school résumé can help do that for you! It is one of the most important marketing tools that you can use in selling yourself. Essentially your résumé provides a snapshot picture of the “REAL” you: your interests, passions, achievements, and contributions BOTH in and out of the classroom.

Although the résumé includes the same information that a college application asks for, it has several distinct advantages.  When writing your résumé, keep these points in mind:

  • Your résumé will highlight your most significant achievements and experiences during your high school career and, in doing so, it may help you develop a thematic approach to your application. By reading through your résumé, you may gain insight into what makes you so special and unique from other students. You can then work this theme of what makes you “you” throughout your application.
  • The college application allows only limited space to relate your academic and extracurricular achievements. Your résumé will give you the opportunity to elaborate on ALL of your significant involvement and achievements in activities both in the classroom and in the community and, most importantly, you will be able to describe the specific contributions you made in each endeavor.
  • After you develop your résumé, it is a “done” document so it will be easy for you to simply transfer this information to your college application without making an error or omitting any significant experiences or honors achieved.
  • You can use your résumé to help your teachers and guidance counselor write a better recommendation for you because it will remind them in specific detail of your interests and the many accomplishments you have achieved during high school. It will also demonstrate to them your seriousness of purpose in the college application process and your good organizational skills.

A well-done résumé will enhance your application by providing a professional and organized appearance to your application package.

Tip! Writing your résumé can help you prepare for your college interview by covering the most obvious interview questions in case you are asked about your interests, passions, achievements etc.

Your résumé serves many purposes, but its main goal is to help you gain a competitive edge in the college application pool. Don’t be afraid to market yourself. Use your résumé to shine!

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