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What You Must Consider Before You Enrol for a Global Health M.D Program 

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With the rise in globalization, many health concerns are affecting various countries, hence the need for globally trained health workers.

Global health is extensive, with new fields being developed every year to address global health care deficits. Trained medical professionals are needed in every part of the world.

If you are keen on developing your health career towards this line, here are a few things you should have in mind:

1. Build on Your Experience

The role of global health is more inclined to program management and policy administration.

Although you have attained high levels of training in your medical field, you will require more than just clinical practice skills on global health.

You will need to have good project management and project administration skills. You should prove to employers you can work with local governments and organizations that fund health care systems across the world.

So, look for jobs that will help you build on these skills, besides your background medical training.

2. Advance Your Studies

It is hard for an entry-level health practitioner to land a job on global health projects. It would be best if you attained a post-graduate level to compete successfully in this field.

You should consider advancing your studies with master’s programs and the global health MD program at a global health medical school.

Advancing your education in an international health institute will enable you to have the practical experience to meet global demands, whereas a medical degree cannot.

3. Why Do You Want to Venture Into Global Health?

Global health exposes you to patients with different pathologies, fosters cultural sensitivity, improves the physical examination skills, and boosts the cost awareness and allocation of resources in settings with poor resources.

There are several motivations for working with global health organizations.

Having a clear mind on what you want out of the global health practice will help choose what best suits you.

4. When Do You Want to Practice?

If you are starting your practice, it is easier for you to start your global health career abroad.

If you are in mid-career practice, you need to plan it, preferably a year before. It allows you to plan everything with your patients and partners in the practice.

5. Family and Current Practice?

Other factors you should closely consider are your family and current practice. If you have a family, are you considering moving with them abroad?

If not, this will determine the length of your global health practice.

If you have partners in your current practice, tell them early of your intentions to work on global health abroad.

It will avoid disruptions, and it will help them organize a replacement for you.


The global health practice will require more than just regular medical qualifications. There are diverse health needs and systems across the world with different requirements.

Therefore, you will need to have skills and competencies that align with global health demands.

As you enrol for a global health M.D program, have in mind all these factors.

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