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10 Easy Ways College Students Can Earn Money Online in 2020

Written by CB Community

The internet has well connected the whole world, and the number of internet users keeps on increasing.

This creates a myriad of job opportunities for everyone by which they can easily make money staying at home.

It is even applicable for students who can use their free time to earn money by doing something interesting such as creating videos, teaching online, and many more.

One of the trending things that students can do online is to create memes. This can be easily done by taking the latest topics and with the help of online sites providing meme templates such as ImgFlip, Adobe Spark, and others.

It is much needed in the current scenario as everyone stays at home because of the pandemic and such options can entertain everyone.

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing the various options of earning for students without any investment:

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Remote services are provided by a virtual assistant, generally for small businesses. It includes creative work, technical support, administrative support online, and many more, based on your knowledge and skill set.

Gradually working with other people will enhance your experience by which you can pursue it as your career.

The most decent options open to students include social media assistance, research work, and writing for websites of small businesses.

Such works give you the freedom to work any time as per your convenience and earn a decent amount.

2. Work as a Blogger

As a blogger, you can create articles and review products for making money.

Additionally, ads can be shown on blogs for making additional income.

All you need is an internet connection and a good laptop or desktop to work in the comfort of your home. This forms one of the easiest ways of earning for students.

While creating your blog, make sure to keep the website smooth, unique, and attractive enough with useful content to drive more traffic.

Once the traffic increases, you will be paid by Google for putting ads on your website after you apply for Google AdSense. 

3. Affiliate Marketing for Earning Commission

In this method, students can earn through the recommendation of products to someone that will drive the sale for a company or business.

There are affiliate networks that let students work online by creating a profile and start working instantly.

For example, they can use their own style for promoting products on ClickBank, and as soon as a buyer purchases something, the commission will be earned. Another similar way is by becoming an Amazon affiliate.

A student can even become an Amazon Associate where he can sell e-books, handmade art and crafts work, and other similar things on Amazon.

With this, he can move ahead and make it his primary business later on.

4. Freelancer

Students working as a freelancer in any niche set their own preference of timing to work for clients.

They need to see which tasks they are good at and what interests them and should have the capability to complete the assignment by sticking to the deadline.

Skills like photoshopping, designing, voice-over, and content creation can enable students to earn a decent income.

There are various genuine and reliable online platforms supporting freelancers, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Legit, and others. Students need to sign up on such platforms, enter all their details that portray their skill set and relevant experience to be eligible for applying to various freelancing positions.

The best part about freelancing is that you are not contractually bound with any firm for a fixed number of months or years, to ensure your freedom of working as per your availability.

5. Teaching Online and Helping Others to Take Notes

Many students who are in need of some extra money often consider tutoring. Helping others through online tutoring is a great way to earn money, especially during the pandemic, when social distancing is of extreme importance.

Similarly, online jobs pay you when you help students complete assignments and create notes for them.

6. Develop Apps

Students interested in coding can use their skills to make apps for android or iOS devices. These can be uploaded on Google Play store to make money by putting ads in the app.

Besides helping them earn, the work polishes their skills and adds to their experiences, which would be very helpful when they seek a job in the future.

Adding it to their resume will make it more impressive.

7. Making Projects on Clients’ Websites

This is more suitable for computer science grads who can use their web development experience to do this.

Expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript is needed for making websites, plugins, and themes for WordPress.

8. Working in College Campus

Colleges let students work on a part-time basis when they are still studying. This generally includes taking a few classes of juniors or working as an assistant teacher.

They can even work as music, dance, or foreign language teachers.

Since the workload in this is not too much, the student can easily work and get paid to pay his semester fees easily.

9. Transcription and Translation Work

Students who know multiple languages can work on these jobs to make money.

Italki, Verbling, TranscriptionHub, Rev, Casting Words are some examples where you can find relevant work based on your skills. 

10. Become a Vlogger

A vlogger creates videos and posts them on YouTube. Take a niche that interests you and then start choosing relevant topics that would interest the viewers.

Even if you are a novice in this field, do not worry because there are various picture video maker tools available online to make your work easy.

Just use your creativity to add entertaining content that can keep up the interest of the audience.

This will help you gain more views easily, and gradually with the increase in subscribers and views, you will get paid for the same.

Final Words

It is a wise decision to start earning while you are still studying, but it is important to avoid falling prey into fake websites that will waste your time and money and won’t pay you at the end.

So one should always try to opt for genuine ways to put their skills and knowledge to use.

This will boost your confidence and polish your skill set, which will be an excellent addition to your resume later.

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