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11 Signs You’re In the Wrong College Major 

Written by CB Community

Choosing your college major is an important decision that doesn’t only define your entire college experience. It also impacts your career choices and options to pursue higher studies.

No matter what factors helped you decide to pursue your college major, once you start college, you might find yourself doing some soul searching.

If it happens, it only means one thing and that’s the fact that you’re in the wrong college major.

If you’re still confused with your situation, it’s a clear sign that you’re enrolled in the wrong college major and the best way for you to solve it is to know how to change a college major.

Below are other signs that you’re in the wrong college major:

1. You’re Getting Bad Grades Consistently

College is never easy and no one expects it to be.

However, it doesn’t mean that getting bad grades consistently is fine.

Although it isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re in the wrong college major, part of it is that you’re having a hard time with your major subjects.

However, if you have tried everything to study your subjects but you see no progress, don’t force yourself and consider changing your college major.

2. You Can’t Focus

You might be attending your major classes on a regular basis, but are you really listening to your lectures attentively?

If you’re easily distracted during your class or if the words of your professor seem to be boring in spite of your efforts to understand, know that it symbolizes another problem than having a short attention span.

3. Your College Work is No Longer Interesting

More often than not, college work won’t always be entertaining as most of you expect. As a matter of fact, the majority of it will be somewhat boring and tiring.

But, no matter how challenging your coursework is, you must experience an element of excitement when you’re dealing with new problems or tackling a difficult text.

If you find your coursework a burden and not interesting at all, it’s a sign that you’re in the wrong college major.

4. You Always Skip Classes

Skipping classes to catch up on assignments or just to get some sleep is not a big deal. All students are guilty of doing something like this.

Nevertheless, if you always skip classes frequently or every other day and you don’t even remember the last time you attended a lecture, it’s a clear sign that you’re not interested in your college major.

5. You’re Upset and Stressed All the Time

College work will stress you out and will surely make you feel miserable. But, if it happens all the time, it can be a problem.

Being dissatisfied with everything you do is a warning sign that you’ve chosen the wrong major.

It’s also a sign that you shouldn’t ignore as it can have a negative impact on your mental well-being, which may affect your studies in the long run.

So, before your college major makes you more stressed and upset, start thinking about changing courses to the one you’d be more interested in.

6. You Don’t Know the Reason Why You’ve Chosen Your College Major

Fortunately, several students know what they’re passionate about and pursue a degree consistent with their aspirations and goals, whereas some tend to discover their passion and follow their hearts.

But, if you can’t justify why you chose your college major or if you’ve chosen it for reasons like it’ll help you secure a job, it’s time that you revisit all of your priorities.

7. You Don’t Talk about Your Course

Students discuss various aspects of their course constantly.

Regardless if it’s about the exams, professors or workload, it’s normal for students to talk about their course all the time.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t partake in such conversations with your friends, it means that you’re disengaged from your college major and you don’t find it interesting to share.

If you’re always like this, it’s time that you think about changing your major as soon as possible.

8. You Fail to Meet the Deadlines and Tend to Procrastinate

Many students tend to procrastinate.

However, once you put off almost anything related to your coursework until later and you end up completing it on time, it indicates that your subject isn’t important to you.

It may also mean that you’re too busy thinking of other things aside from your college major

9. You Don’t Imagine Yourself Working in the Same Field

Whatever your college major, your university is likely to have its own job placement programs that can help students find the most ideal employment.

One of the signs that you’re enrolled in the wrong college major is when you’re reluctant to look for relevant jobs because you don’t imagine yourself pursuing a career that’s related to your chosen field.

10. You were Pressured into Taking the College Major

Another sign that you’re in the wrong college major is when you’re pressured to choose it over your passion.

Advice from your family and friends is given with good intent. However, if you’ve made a decision based on somebody’s advice, better rethink your options. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

If you want to choose the right college major, listen to your instincts and always go with the flow.

Besides, you’re the one who will spend years undergoing the college major. So, know what’s best for you.

11. You Pick Your College Major to Make Money

There’s nothing wrong about considering your future earnings when choosing college majors.

However, it can make your college days miserable if you’ve chosen something that’s out of your league.

Money may mean security and could open doors of opportunities, which can make a difference in your well-being and overall happiness.

But, since you can’t buy happiness, why not choose a college major that can give you the career that will make you happy for the rest of your life?

This can be your key to choosing not just the right college major, but also to have a better life in the future.


It’s important to choose the right college major, but you should take note that it doesn’t define you as a person.

If you’re having a hard time choosing your college major, never hesitate to ask for help and don’t let other people pressure you.

Prioritize your passion over what people desire for you. Remember that you’re the one who’ll be taking the college major you choose.

So, be smart with your decisions always as this will save yourself from possible problems in the long run.

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