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3 Important Tips for Writing You College Applications Essay

Written by CB Experts

The college application essay is an essay you have probably never written before, and yet it is so important; it makes you more than a bunch of numbers on your college application and sets you apart.

So how do you go about writing it? Here are three important tips:

  • First, this essay has to be about you, not about your experiences—unless those experiences SHOW something about you. Don’t write about your trip to Uruguay unless it SHOWS how determined, adaptable, or curious you are. Don’t write about winning your soccer championship unless it SHOWS how confident you are or that you are a team player. Remember, even small events can reveal who you are. For example, learning to like Lima beans, especially if you have a funny story about how you did so, can show how open you are to change.
  • Second, be yourself. Don’t’ use words from the thesaurus or write a formal essay. Write with a natural tone as though you are writing a letter to an adult friend.
  • Third, quotes, short sentences for impact, details and specifics all can enliven your writing.


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