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4 Best DIY Techniques Every Eco-Friendly Student Can Master

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Eco-friendliness and awareness about our planet have been in the limelight for quite a while now. Yet, it can mean a whole bunch of things.

Students have been especially concerned with the planet’s condition starting protests and pushing green initiatives forward.

And do you know why students adore DIY? Because it can cost next to nothing while giving you a substitute for some relatively expensive product.

This article is not going to be about starting a riot against the government. This is about some of the smaller things one can personally do to live a more sustainable life.

1. Balanced Living

A balanced lifestyle is something almost everyone is trying to achieve, yet not all of us succeed.

Students are having an especially hard time balancing their health and personal life with all their assignments, midterms, and exam sessions.

Finding balance means prioritizing what needs to be done and seeking help when necessary. Whether its finding help with essay editing, getting advice from a professor, or seeking assistance from one of your peers, getting the help you need to find balance is an important part of student life.

Freeing up time is important in getting your life organized and balanced.

2. Gardening

Getting a hobby can give you immense relief in terms of mental health and a hobby like gardening can not only be rewarding mentally, but it can also fill up your fridge or spice cabinet.

Growing tomatoes on your windowsill can be a bit too much but herbs, on the other hand, are easy to sprout and they don’t take too long to grow.

To start off, you can plant small things like oregano, basil, or mint. They can make a delicious addition to any dish or even tea.

3. DIY Cleaning Supplies

Many people live under the assumption that you need a billion different cleaning solutions for every single surface. Guess what? That’s not true.

That’s just one of those ad campaigns that have gone too far, leading people to believe in the myth. The truth is, you can clean almost any surface with a simple mix of vinegar and water (in equal parts).

If you need a slightly stronger cleaner, here’s a recipe:

  • Mix two cups of water with ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle.
  • Add ½ cup of distilled white vinegar
  • Add one tablespoon of liquid soap (unscented) and some essential oils to cover the smell of vinegar
  • Shake the mix a bit to let all the ingredients combine and spray on the surfaces you want to clean!

4. Dorm Room Renovation Ideas

Every student wants to customize a room (especially the one in the dorm) to make it feel more like home.

Everybody can feel homesick at some point, but you can decorate your dwelling in a way that comforts you. Here are some ideas:

If you go to college far away from home, having a map by your bed or hanging on the wall is a brilliant idea. Just trace the outline of your town or city onto a piece of paper and fill it in with some watercolor to make it pretty.

You could also glue some elements to fill the outline. This will make the picture more creative.

Hanging some pictures of your friends and family on the walls is a great way to feel less distant from them. A lot of dorms don’t allow people to glue things to walls, but you could get a cork board to pin the pictures to.

Also, tying the images to a string and attaching it to a wooden panel can keep you out of trouble.

Bonus Studying Tip: Mindfulness

In the modern era of technology and speed, people often forget that some of the things we are used to delegating to gadgets are not actually that hard.

Being mindful means being present at the moment and paying full attention to what one is doing. That might seem trivial, but the majority of people right now don’t do that.

We are on our phones while talking to someone, or we draw in a notebook instead of paying attention to a lecture.

This is a big problem for our generation. And the small attention span can lead to bigger problems such as stress and fatigue.

Being present can help you feel calmer, pay less attention to distractions, and focus with more ease. The easiest way to start is by meditating.

Download a guided meditation app and delegate as little as ten minutes a day to this.

Eco-Friendly Living

Eco-friendly living does not have to involve expensive products or radical life changes – even the smallest changes can have a huge impact over time.

Hopefully these tips will help you turn your attention toward being more eco-friendly as well as finding a harmonious balance in your student life.

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