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4 Great College Business Startup Ideas

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Want to become financially independent and not ask parents to give you money to buy a new pair of cool sneakers, gadgets, etc.? Then, you should start earning a living on your own. It isn’t always that easy to find a well-paid job if you are still a college student. Most reputable companies give preference to experienced specialists. Is there any way to earn money while studying? Yes, there is an effective way to combine work, studies, and personal life effectively.

To achieve this goal, you need to ask yourself “What do I do best” or “What are my strengths?” Perhaps, you’ll have several great startup ideas that will bring you money. There are several factors you need to keep in mind when choosing among college startups. First, your work shouldn’t take all your time because if it interferes with your study, you may not get a degree needed to have a successful career. Think of a startup that will be of interest to you, won’t require much investment, and has minimal risks. Do you have great writing skills? Then, consider working in the sphere of essay writing help. In fact, there is a large number of college startups that meet these requirements. Have a look at the most original college student startups below.

1. Design and Sale of Clothing and Accessories

Before starting this kind of business, you need to agree on this with the dean of the university. To get started, you should buy classic white loose-fitting t-shirts (suitable for girls and guys), t-shirts, ties.

The emblem of the college is found on all websites. Making a layout for applying the logo on a T-shirt and badge will not be difficult – if you turn to companies that have long been engaged in such processes. Make t-shirts with a different design and quality of the application. You should also prepare several additional design options for T-shirts and badges that can be placed in the assortment of the online store.

After receiving the goods, you need to proceed to sales. It is immediately worth noting which product is most popular. Set the price of goods 20-100% above cost. As practice shows, in a fairly short period, it will be possible to sell 50-100 T-shirts and 100-300 badges. The advantage of this business is the minimization of risk since in the worst case you will be left with a dozen or two unsold shirts and badges that can be worn on your own or used as your own gift fund.

2. Selling Helpful Educational Materials

Collections of cheat sheets and all kinds of tips for tasks and exercises are one of the main components of bookstore sales. At the same time, ready-made cheat sheets, which can also be found in open Internet access, do not differ in high quality and reliability of the information. In addition, many teachers already know them by heart.

There are a lot of college students who individually make up cheat sheets, using the program literature. In this regard, a rather interesting business can be built on the sale of good quality cheat sheets for various subjects at different periods of study. If you find that you might need a little help with writing, there are plenty of online resources available, such as free essay tools and other writing resources to help you out. You will want to make sure you have a polished finished product before selling it.

3. Configuring and Maintaining Modern Gadgets

The initial capital is minimal here. You will need a computer connected to the Internet, as well as a small, well-lit personal room. Novice users obviously need technical assistance in understanding the functionality of smartphones, tablets, setting up all the options/capabilities available in them, as well as installing additional programs. Therefore, the basis of the service you will provide to customers will be:

  • Applying protective film onto the screens of mobile devices
  • Instructing the user about all the features of his/her device. In the process of talking with the client, you must find out how to configure certain functions so that the person finds it convenient
  • Modern users always want to know how to improve their device, add/replace existing applications and games in it
  • Assistance in registering a user account in online stores, so that later the client can download the necessary content

4. Creating a Learning Platform for Schoolchildren and College Students

Nowadays, almost every educational establishment in the world has its own web page. But, unfortunately, the information/content is minimal and, it is often not interesting to college students. The information content of the web page is built on a principle: the history of the institution, graduates, teachers, several photos, etc. Why not fill the Internet resource not only with administrative facts but also with news from college students’ lives, their hobbies, offers from employers, finally, educational materials, scanned lecture courses of your teachers and so on?

You can always help educational facilities develop a better learning platform, and make some good money in the process. If you feel like you need to enhance your skills with this, there are plenty of online resources to help you increase your knowledge of writing content.

If you have no idea what to write about. In addition, for the promotion, it makes sense to pay for the services of professional SEO managers ion the digital marketing industry who will with this information. Having formed a stable wide circle of visitors, you can also offer commercial advertising on a paid basis.

There are many other interesting ideas. Just define what you like doing and what you can do better than others. If you feel passionate about something, develop your idea and make it so that it brings money. Are you a talented person who can do handmade toys or other things? Why not make this hobby profitable business?

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