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4 Reasons for Women to Consider a Career in Health Services Management

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The Australian job market is an exceptionally challenging one right now. Two of the major phenomena that have influenced the current job market are COVID-19 and the rise of automation technologies.

These two things, together, account for many of the dramatic changes that have recently affected Australia’s workforce.

The changes brought about by artificial intelligence are likely to accelerate further in the future; by all appearances, we’ve only just begun to witness the beginning stages. There is more change ahead, and it is approaching rapidly.

Although unemployment numbers are high, there are still some viable job opportunities available in Australia.

Health services management is one of the career niches with a promising future.

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons you might want to consider choosing a career in health services management:

1. It’s a Personally Rewarding Career Path

In a noise-filled world that’s overrun with nonsense and hype, truly meaningful work can be hard to find.

If you’re hoping to excel in a job that truly makes a difference to the people around you, health services management stands out as being an excellent prospect.

2. The Future Job Outlook Is Bright for Health Services Managers

Experts from the Australian Government National Skills Commission recently released an article predicting the future of work in the country.

According to their analysts, “health care and social assistance” is one of the top industries in which to seek work in the future. They’re predicting very strong growth in future employment levels for health services managers.

As a career that requires high levels of emotional intelligence, health management isn’t a job that robots could easily take over; and it’s also a career path that’s reasonably Coronavirus-proof.

3. Health Services Management Pays Well

In Australia, workers generally earn an average weekly paycheck in the amount of $1,658.70 ($86,252.40 per year). In contrast, health services managers earn a significantly higher average of $2,148.00 every week ($111,696.00 per year).

Earning a master’s degree in health services management boosts income-earning potential even more; jobs in this field requiring a master’s degree frequently offer salaries in the range of $2,699.14 per week ($140,355.14 per year) and can go as high as $3,147.25 per week ($163,657.00 per year) or sometimes even higher (source of data: current job postings active in 2020).

In particular, a master’s degree program that offers a leadership sub-major, such as the one available from UTS online, can be particularly valuable for convincing potential employers that you have the skills necessary to lead a healthcare organisation effectively and are deserving of these higher paychecks.

4. Female Mentorship Is Widely Possible in This Career Path

Some of the highest-paying and most prestigious roles in Australia are in industry niches dominated by men, but that isn’t the case with health and welfare services management.

According to the experts at the Australian Government National Skills Commission, health and welfare services managers in this country are 74 percent female.

This means that female mentorship is widely possible for many women who hope to become healthcare administrators.

Leaders need good mentors to better understand how to manage the day-to-day difficulties they experience at work. It can be challenging for aspiring female leaders to find good mentors of any gender in any industry.

Qualified mentorship from anyone is worthwhile; however, female mentorship is particularly valuable for women. When women mentor other women, it increases the likelihood that women will continue to populate the leadership pipelines in a particular industry.

In health services management, this particular path is now well-trodden, which makes it all the more attractive to aspiring female health services managers.

Final Thoughts

These are four of the most compelling reasons that Australian women might want to consider pursuing careers in health services management.

Overall, health services management is a respectable career with countless opportunities for women to advance.

If you’re looking for a career that offers you leadership opportunity, prestige, a satisfactory paycheck and the potential to be mentored and to mentor others, it’s an excellent career to consider.

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