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5 College Admission Interview Questions You Should be Able to Answer

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Preparing for your college admission interview may seem like a simple task, but it requires extensive research about each college you have been given an interview for. Preparation is incredibly important when it comes to securing admission to top colleges like Harvard Law.

Interviews can be a stressful & daunting experience for most applicants. Here are a few simple questions that you should have prepared answers for before entering the interview. Introduce

1. Introduce Yourself; Tell Us More About Your Background?

Even though this may seem like a simple question, it still requires a thoughtful answer. You may be very familiar with your life and backstory, but it’s simple questions such as these that get many applicants flustered. You might deem this question unnecessary, but the interviewers need to know who you are, to assess whether or not you would be a good fit on their campus. Take this as an opportunity to convince them.

2. Why Did You Choose Our College?

The answer you give needs to be thoughtful, truthful, and well researched. Before you step foot into the interview, ensure you have prepared and rehearsed an answer for this question, as it will show the interviewer(s) that you have done your research and are passionate about attending their school.

Make sure you know more about that specific school & campus life and find correlations between the lifestyle at the campus and the current lifestyle you are looking for. Look at the program you are applying for, and note what specific aspects of it drew you to apply to this school in particular. Look to any other aspects that made you choose this school, and formulate these ideas into a well thought out answer that shows your passion for the institution.

3. What Do YOU Bring To This College?

The last question was tailored to figure out what might be beneficial for you if you get the admission. But often, colleges want to know how students can contribute to their campus. Getting good grades is essential, but chances are, you have more to offer than just a good GPA.

Speak about what you have done in your past that has either bettered you and/or those around you. One example of this can be any volunteer work you have done in or around your community. Colleges also look to see if you regularly participate in extra-curricular activities in your current school. Or maybe you speak multiple languages. Perhaps you know basic Spanish or Japanese. If so, it’s important to let them know about these skills.

4. Why Do You Want To Attend College?

This is another simple, yet a perplexing question. It is important that you sincerely explain your motivation behind studying, as it is going to pave your path for the rest of your life. Are you studying because you want knowledge, or is it because you want to secure a job? Are wanting to learn more about starting and managing your own business, or are you studying to take over the family business?

These are all very valid answers to this question, but the most important thing is that you tell the truth!

5. What Do You Plan To Do After Graduation?

Now is the time to impress the interviewers with the plan you have laid out for your future. Even if you do not know exactly what path you plan to take, you can still give a general idea of where you plan to be in ten years. In order to do this correctly, you must take your time and plan out your future.

When going into any sort of interview, preparation is key. Make sure you have thoughtful and well-researched answers prepared for the questions above. However, your preparation should not stop there. Make sure you understand the basics of the college you are applying to, and why they should admit you!

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