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5 Reasons Why College Students Should Start Running Every Day

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Every stage in students’ young lives comes with a variety of challenges and difficulties. In order to successfully navigate those stages, get productive results, and find quality free time to let loose from it all, students should do some form of physical activity. When it comes to releasing excess steam and tension, nothing beats running. Running is truly an effective multipurpose sport that has positive effects on college student’s health and well-being. Here are some pivotal reasons why college students should be running every day.

1. It enhances better progress

Students are constantly overburdened with homework from different subjects, and when the brain fails to keep a student calm and relaxed, tension may arise. Luckily, if you go running on a daily basis, you would be able to remodel your brain’s attention and enhance its functionality. Thus, after a long and mild-tempo run, your brain will filter through the unnecessary info and only focus on the vital thoughts needed for college progress. With daily running exercise, you can improve your memory retention and remember the vital items needed.

2. It retains and boosts your health

Since students spend most of their day sitting in lectures or leaning in a claustrophobic dorm room, going outside for a mild 30-minute run can boost their health and by upscaling their mood and energy. Regular running enables students to stay in good health and help keep a healthy heart. All of which is crucial for obtaining the stamina and mental focus needed for success. Likewise, students must also make sure that nothing impedes their running. Avoid getting injured or hurt while running by finding great running shoes. If you do not have any shoes yet, or perhaps you don’t know where to look. There are many great online resources like Runner Click to help educate you to find out which shoes would be the best fit. Having comfortable and sturdy shoes will definitely be a great place to start. You want to keep your feet healthy, avoid injury and make sure your shoes will last.

3. It gives you time to unwind

All college students are in need of some alone time. Going for a night’s jog helps the student clear out their mind from draining obligations and massive workloads. What’s more, as students are surrounded by the constant commotion on the campus or in the dormitory, a great way to escape from that hectic noise is to go running. Spending even 15 minutes outside in the fresh air running could help recharge with positive thoughts and help flush out the negative ones.

4. It represents a way to burn out excess tension (and calories)

Being enclosed in the dorm room studying all day may not always bring good results. You might have difficulties coping with the curriculum, plus you might be snacking all day and having late-night pizza to survive your troublesome studying. Running helps you burn extra calories you might have consumed, and it also automatically triggers serotonin (the happy hormone). Not only will you stay in good shape and look fit on campus, but you would also feel more content, positive and released from stress.

5. It gives you a chance to stay alert and confident

Running can also help each runner to learn the basics of time-management, routine, and discipline. If a college student would start running every day, he/she will learn how to cope with the tight schedule, stay alert in difficult situations, and even learn how to delegate obligations and other chores. These things help you to keep your focus, stay attentive, and be free of worries.

Running has proven to make people more attentive over time. As a student becomes attentive, their confidence and self-esteem will be boosted, hence, they won’t ever suffer from insomnia or any other sleeping disorder.

Running is a great way to let your mind and body roam around freely while at the same time helping you work on improving your health, stay on top of your fitness, and increase endurance, mental and physical productivity.

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