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6 Key Purchases for Your First Apartment

Written by CB Community

If this is your first time moving into your own apartment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Finding the right place is a major decision, and there are a million little choices you’ll be making with every step you take. It’s easy for important details to get lost in the shuffle.

Finding the right place to live is only the first step—after all, an apartment is just an empty space until you decide what to fill it with. To make the transition to a new apartment easy, you’ll need to make some critical purchases before or soon after you move in.

Don’t feel like you have to rush out and furnish your entire apartment immediately. The apartment may feel a little bare at first, but it’ll fill out as you decide what you want your home’s identity to be.

At first, you should be concentrating on utility rather than fancy accessories. Make sure you have the things you’ll need daily.

1. Kitchenware

How many first-time apartment-dwellers have spent a few weeks living off takeout and plastic utensils? That’s fine for a while, but costs will add up, and soon you’ll want your apartment to feel a little more like home.

Whether you’re a fine dining fan or you’re known for burning pasta, you’ll need the basics: utensils, plates, and some pots and pans for cooking.

Once cooking becomes a part of your daily schedule, these are the things you’ll find yourself reaching for.

2. Bathroom Essentials

Your bathroom may not be the most glamorous part of your apartment, but it may also be the most essential. It’s also a space you’ll want to be sure is clean and well-stocked with soap, toilet paper, towels, and basics.

You might be surprised by how many small items are essential in your bathroom. These can include a bath mat to keep from dripping water everywhere, a bathroom garbage can, and holders for items like toothbrushes and makeup.

You might also need to buy your own shower curtain, which can be a fun decor opportunity.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Your apartment might start out clean, but it won’t stay that way long. The costs of cleaning supplies can add up quickly, but they’re also likely to last a while if you choose right. Do your research about which cleaning supplies are best for your needs.

If you have carpet, you’ll need a high-quality vacuum that prevents clogs. Hardwood floors will need a quality mop or broom. You’ll also need cleaning solutions that you can use as needed.

4. Bed and Bedding

No area of your apartment requires more attention than your bedroom. You’ll be spending roughly a third of your time here, sleeping, and the quality of your mattress matters.

Mattresses come in many types, including standard box spring models and more high-tech memory foam mattresses. There can be a big difference in cost and durability between these options.

Before making a significant investment in a new mattress, be sure to read plenty of mattress reviews online. Once you’ve made your choice, the next step is to select your bedding and other bedroom furnishings that provide comfort and reflect your style.

5. Furniture For All Rooms

You may not spend as much time in them as you do in your bedroom, but all rooms in your house will need some equipment for comfort.

This can take a while, so it’s all right to put the TV on the floor for a few weeks or have a dinner party in the living room. How quickly you furnish your apartment will depend on budget and time.

Until you select all the furniture you want, it’s still possible to keep things organized. Make sure to focus on unpacking the things you’ll frequently need, while items like books or keepsakes can stay in their original packing until you can organize them more effectively.

6. Emergency Essentials

You might be surprised by what you need when you move into your own place. You’ll be doing a lot of little jobs around the house to keep things in shape, and you’ll want the supplies in case of a sudden emergency so you can avoid calling a contractor in a rush.

Some of the items you’ll want to have around include a first aid kit, a set of basic tools (like screwdrivers, a hammer, and a drill), a fire extinguisher, and a plunger for minor bathroom emergencies.

Don’t forget a flashlight and a supply of batteries in case of a power outage.

Moving Time!

Don’t get overwhelmed by this to-do list. Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time that can be much easier with proper planning.

Buying all the essentials is the final stage in making your apartment and bedroom a relaxing sanctuary.

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