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A Gap Year?

Written by CB Experts

The Gap Year is catching on. Long popular in Europe, the Gap Year is taking time between graduating from high school and before entering college to pursue personal goals or interests like travel, working abroad, or volunteering. Learn more about taking a Gap Year.

The Gap Year can be very worthwhile. First, this year can give you time to become more independent and mature, helpful for later encouraging a college experience that may be broader and farther from home. It is also a good option for students who are not yet sure about what they want to study. Some times the Gap Year experience will even suggest what you want to focus on. Finally, work during your gap year can help you save money for the kind of college experience you want, and you won’t have to settle later.

Colleges are recognizing the value of a Gap Year, which also can offer applicants something significant to write about on their applications to stand out. Colleges will even accept you and then give you a deference for a gap year so you can feel safe about being admitted to a college before you take a year off.

After 14 years of school and looking forward to at least four more years of college, not to mention such obligations as mortgages, children, and taxes, the Gap Year may be just what you need.

If you’re interested in a Gap Year, there are a number of different websites created for providing you with different options. Whether you want to volunteer, work abroad, or just take some time to see the world, there are a number of different companies who can help set you up on the perfect Gap Year.


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