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Written by CB Experts

Whether you’re a high school student or a college student, College Basics wants you to succeed. Along with lots of tips for becoming a better high school student so you’ll get into college and lots of advice about staying in college, we also recommend some online tutoring sites. One we have found that we like is studentoffortunecom.

The reason we like this site is because it creates a community of learners. On this open site students can ask questions, learn concepts, or take tutorials, all in academic subjects or in technological areas

If you need help with homework or understanding a text, you can post your question with an offer for an amount you will pay, anything from 25 cents and up. Tutors and others students will then answer your question or bid for it. You can also search for tutorials that match your textbook. For example, if you need chemistry help, post a question and wait for an answer. Or, if you are doing science homework from a particular text, search the listing of texts, find yours and get tutorials on different aspects of the book.

Because this is an open online tutoring site, you can also become a tutor and make money. You can search questions that have been asked, write an answer, and send it in. What’s neat about this approach is Student of Fortune will post only part of your answer and leave it out there. Other students may bid on it and you get paid for your answers minus the 18% the website takes for hosting. You can also simply write a tutorial on an area you know a lot about and post it for people to buy. If you’re an expert math tutor, you can help someone else and make money at the same time.

College Basics likes this tutoring site because it offers different solutions quickly for little to no money. Students also have the opportunity to exchange answers. It’s just a convenient place to put your trust in homework help. Check it out now at

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