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How to Find Additional Math Support

Written by CB Community

Although most of us find math difficult, it is never impossible to progress in this subject, whatever your age or level.

Here you will find some advice on how to find additional math support:

Rework the Course

Pupils only assimilate a small part of what the teacher tries to teach in class and this differs according to the time of day. The brain is not always in top form throughout the day. Before resuming your lesson, don’t hesitate to rest, by watching a series for example. 

In the evening after your math lesson, complete your assimilation with a rereading of the course. To make rapid progress, use your short-term memory.

The day after the lesson, try to rewrite the lesson in your head. Compare your work with your lesson.

Use index cards to rewrite your lesson and don’t hesitate to synthesize and schematize so that your index cards are as clear as possible for you. Write carefully, use colors, space out information. Make your geometrical figures with the appropriate tools and not by hand.

Remember that photographic memory is very powerful. This work gives you the opportunity to better understand the course but also to learn it by heart, which will allow you to justify all your answers during exercises and exams.

Do not hesitate to repeat exercises done in class or found in math books. Use the answer key to identify your mistakes. By self-correcting you will improve your mathematical logic.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Hire a Tutor

Working on math alone can be difficult and you may feel lost despite your best efforts. Indeed, understanding math is an activity that requires the mobilization of many intellectual resources.

Hiring a math tutor is the ideal solution for revision and exam prep or to make certain concepts accessible to you. Choose a qualified teacher and define your objectives together so that he or she can build a tailor-made course for you.

The tutor has a range of teaching methods and tools at his or her disposal which he or she can use according to the student’s profile. One-to-one with your tutor, you will be able to ask all your questions and get answers to questions that are sometimes abstract.

It is not necessary to wait until difficulties in math are disabling to hire a tutor. They can appear from childhood, in connection with lexical difficulties, difficulties linked to the abstraction of concepts, or to representation in space and time. By clarifying concepts, schematizing them, or representing unrepresented objects, the tutor can quickly remove barriers to understanding math. Keep in mind that the teacher is not there to judge you but to help you!

There are many platforms that can put you in touch with mathematics tutors. The budget for tuition can vary greatly. Some students offer their services at a low price, it can cost up to 4 times more if the course is given by a qualified and experienced teacher. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile investment, as teaching is priceless.

It is also possible to join a homework institute or group to pool teaching resources and split the costs.

Online Resources

In between math lessons or while waiting to find a tutor, it is worth considering the numerous resources available online.

Youtube, the famous video platform offers a multitude of videos on math, for all levels. The tone can be serious, as in the classroom, or lighter or even humorous to make the subject less dramatic.

These video lessons can last from less than 10 minutes to over an hour. Youtube can be a good way to get free math support, but the pitfall is that it can be difficult to find the right content for you among the multitude of videos on offer.

In addition, the temptation to click on the thumbnail of a more attractive video or to drift to entertaining content can be strong and concentration may be difficult to maintain. Youtube is an excellent backup solution, to focus on a particular notion. 

There are many websites that can help you find math support. Just Google your search and you will be surprised at the number of results!

You can find free content, such as MathPlanet, or paid content, such as Mcgraw Hill’s ALEK site. Some sites only offer lessons with examples, while others have interactive content and online exercises.

If you choose a paid package, be sure to compare offers and sign up for several trial periods before you finalize your registration! If you are in higher education, there are also dedicated forums where you can exchange with other students and share your good tips.

To have material math always at hand, you can opt for apps. Download them onto your phone or tablet to improve your math in a fun way wherever you are.

Just like websites, there are apps for both children and adults. Star Dash Studios, an app developed by National Numeracy for 16- to 25-year-olds aims to help young people understand the importance of math in everyday life and work through a game taking place against the backdrop of a movie studio.

GeometryPad helps users to better understand geometry, allowing them to take measurements and to create different geometric shapes. It takes an abstract topic and makes it much more easily understandable through its simple visuals. 

SumQuest is designed to help you improve your mental arithmetic skills, and you can also play it with family and friends to challenge yourself.

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