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April Vacation Could Help You Make Your Final College Decision

Written by CB Experts

Have you been admitted to college already? Whether you have one or seven admission letters, choosing the college you want to end up at is a hard decision. Things look different in the spring than they did in the fall, and your needs may have changed now that you’ve had time to think about it.

Why not use your up-coming April vacation to help you with your decision? This might be the best time to visit, or revisit, the campuses you are considering attending. Here are some ideas to consider so just such a visit could help you make your choice.

This can be a time for new and lingering questions. Now you’re not touring a campus with only a starry-eyed sense of possibility. Now, you could actually be spending the next four years of your life on this campus. You probably have a different set of questions that need answering, and this is your chance. Make a list!
College will be in session during this time. You will have a chance to talk to students again, as they wind up their year. You can visit a class in a course you might be taking in the fall, and you can talk to faculty members. See if you like the atmosphere and if you will have both the academic and social environment you want.
Stay overnight in a dorm. Now you can tell, especially if you stay on a weekend, what the out-of-class experience will be like. Does the campus clear out or is it a party school? What about the cafeteria food; is it to your liking? Can you start up conversations with people easily, and are there activities that will be fun for you available?
Visit admissions. Ask about signing up for classes next fall. Is the procedure easy? Do you have access to an advisor?
Walk the campus and off-campus. Visit places you may use like the library, the student union, or the gym. Can you find them easily and get to them easily? And, what about getting off campus? Can you get to stores or places to eat?
Visit the financial aid office. Have them go over your financial aid package and find out if they are helpful. Think about the cost of this college and if it fits in your budget.

All of these things might help you see the colleges where you could be living very soon with new eyes. This last visit might help you put some of your possibilities in the NO pile so you can better get to your YES!

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