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Are College Students Studying Less?

Written by CB Experts

In 1961 the average full-time college student worked 40 hours per week on academic work. The 40 hours included class time as well as hours studying.

By 2003 that figure had been reduced to 27 hours per week of class and study time. Why?

It could be that students are stretching their degrees over five and sometimes six years? The answer is no, because this study, done by two economists, only looked at students who graduated in four years. Other reasons for less student study time could be attributed to students working outside jobs more or to a different type of student, perhaps more average and less academic. But, again, the researchers could not find that these factors made the difference.

So what might be the reasons for students in college today studying less?
• Could it be students today are lazier?
• That college classes are easier and less demanding?
• That students are more involved in extra-curricular activities and find them more important to their job searches than time spent on academics?

Would the college experience be a better value today if students studied more? What do you think?

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