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Are You Sure You Want to Go to this College?

Written by CB Experts

It’s been a while since you put your college application list together. Now it’s spring, and you are waiting for and receiving your acceptances. It is the time to decide if where you may actually attend college is the same as the top choice(s) you had last fall. Your choice may have changed!

Here are some things to ask yourself to make sure you know if your first college choice(s) is right for you.

Consider your college campus tour. You may have worried about the impression you made, but now is the time to ask if that top choice college made a good impression on you. Was it friendly and helpful? Did you feel comfortable among the students? Was the campus well-maintained? Did the town or city where the campus is located welcome students?
Does the college have student services? The campus should have both mental health and medical facilities. Also make sure there are other services: convenient and clean dorms; good food; student safety programs; public transportation; and accessible tutoring, help centers, and advisors.
Does this college diploma matter? Check with career placement services and alumni. Make sure the alumni can get good jobs. Check on the percentage of students who graduate and ask how many years it took to graduate.
Are you still mutually attracted? Review requirements for admission and look at the student body statistics to see how they match with your qualifications. Also check again on clubs, activities, and student organizations the college offers to make sure they correspond to your interests.

Choosing a college is a very important decision and requires due diligence. Yours is to make sure a first or earlier impression of what you want in a college is still true.

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