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5 Tips On How To Balance Dating And Studies In College

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The majority of the students explore their preferences and interest at college. This is the time when you grow and meet people. Studies show that 28% of graduates have met their spouses while attending college.

So, how do you proceed in attending lectures and meeting the love of your life? Here are some tips on how to balance studies and dating in college.

Don’t Pressure Yourself to be Exciting

For women, there’s a lot of pressure to be exciting. Today, college love stories involve incredibly excited girls and brooding boys. However, it is important to know that it’s not reasonable for someone to be the perfect dream girl 24/7. Being boring doesn’t mean you’re love won’t be exhilarating, especially if it’s with the right person.

Thus, you can arrange a coffee date to discuss philosophy, or share a table at the library to discuss your upcoming exams. Check the chemistry and physics tutor castle hill for a tutorial. Seeming boring dates can be romantic if you’re with the right person.

You can find time to be together during everyday life. Also, you don’t have to sacrifice your studies in mathematics or biology just to be together.

Utilize the Free Student Events

Being in college means spending a lot of money on fees, which can be very costly. With this, pricey dinners or club night outs may be out of the picture. For some people, free student events can seem boring, but you may be surprised. Some colleges offer discounted tickets to events such as Broadway shows, and sometimes, they offer free bus rides to and from the event.

You just have to check the posters in the student council board, school website, or newspaper. See the events they offer for free and use the opportunity to have a date with your loved one without spending too much.

Cook Delicious Meals Together

Instead of going out for a date, you can market the ingredients and cook together. You will be amazed by how amazing it is to create a palatable meal together.

Exceed Your Comfort Level

College is the best time to explore. You will never grow if you are always within your comfort zone. Thus, it is best to try new things together.
Let the discomfort become an opportunity for you to grow. Join an intramural sport, take a new class together, or visit a new place out of town. With this, you can both find new opportunities and grow as a couple.

Be Strong Even for Breakups

Dating in college can lead you to have a happy, healthy, and life-long relationship. However, it can also possibly lead to break up in the end. Indeed, rejection can hurt you a lot. But, take this time to explore and find what love means. You can possibly discover that when you are single, you can find the passion to start a new relationship. You don’t have to stay in a bad relationship just because you are scared to be single. There are a lot of things to discover in college and you don’t want to waste it.

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