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Be a College Exchange Student

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Why wait to travel until after you graduate from college? Why not travel and go to school at the same time. As an exchange student you can go to a college abroad, travel, and earn credits toward your degree all at once.

Think about it. It’s between semesters and you have the time to consider this possibility. Here are some reasons for studying abroad to help in your deliberations.

Why study abroad?

It’s cheaper. Traveling on the cost of tuition with dorm room rates is much cheaper than footing the whole travel bill on your own. Universities and colleges often will also help with your transportation to and from, and there are fellowships and prizes for college students who do decide to study abroad and need financial help to do so. In addition, with your International Student Identification Card (ISIC), you can get many discounts.

It’s easier. All the planning and making reservations is done by your college at home. They will also help you file international paperwork and organize the details for your passport and visa. Advisors at your home college help you like a travel agent.

It broadens your learning. Think about how enriched your studies can be if you go aboard. Study art in Italy, learn to be fluent in a language, immerse yourself in history in ancient cities, and learn international business practices. You will also be exposed to different cultures, and you will be able to find out about your self and your independence.

It looks good on your resume. If you have studied abroad, you have set yourself apart from most college graduates. You have demonstrated you are mature and responsible enough to be own your own in a foreign place and that you are adaptable and can problem solve. You are also more exposed to the world and are more cosmopolitan.

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