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Be on Target with College Application Musts

Written by CB Experts

It’s almost the end of September. CollegeBasics hopes you have accomplished what you should have done by now to get you started in the college application process in a timely way.

Check to make sure you have done these things by the end of this month.
• Checked in with your guidance counselor.
• Created a college list.
• Signed up for the October SAT or ACT tests.
• Made initial contact with teachers about their writing a recommendation for you.
• Started your high school résumé.
• Completed the PROFILE form for the selective colleges you are applying to as part of your financial aid application.
• Registered on line for the Common Application.

In October you should
• Finish your résumé and sit down with the teachers whom you have asked to write recommendations for you.
• Begin writing applications essays.
• Start filling in basic data online for your Common App.
• Register for the SAT Subject Tests.
• If you’re an athlete, contact the coaches of your sport(s) at the colleges you are applying to or fill in the athletic questionnaire for the school you are applying to—and start your athletic résumé.
• Visit colleges you haven’t seen already and set up both interview dates and meeting with the coaches, hopefully to coincide with those campus visits. Don’t forget to prepare for the interview too!

That leaves November and December. November is for finalizing your application and taking the SAT Subject Tests. December is for gathering the information you’ll need to fill out the FAFSA for financial aid so you can submit it the day after January 1.

And this is the time line for regular admission. If you’re going for Early Decision, everything above has to be fast tracked double time!

Good luck!!

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