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College Life: 10 Reasons Why Books Make You a Better Person

Written by CB Community

Reading has many advantages over other forms of leisure.

Despite this, some people deny themselves the pleasure of reading, not even realizing how much they are losing.

A person’s life expectancy will depend directly on how much time they devote to books. Reading can prevent such an unpleasant disease characteristic of the elderly as senile dementia.

College students can read free books from their favorite genre of literature.

Let’s look at the reasons why books are beneficial to college students:

Reading for Students

Reading is necessary at any age, but it should be most intense during the school and college years.

Studies have shown that a person who reads a lot and often learns more easily than someone who rarely picks up a free book or doesn’t read at all.

Reading is not a passive process. When the human brain receives new material, it immediately begins to process it.

When reading, people unconsciously agree or argue with what they have read, they are surprised, annoyed, sympathetic, or disgusted with the main characters.

Reading helps you accept and process any unfamiliar information with ease, which means learning will be much faster and more effective.

1. Developing Imagination

Imagination may be needed even for those students who do not plan to associate their future with a creative profession. Everyone has to write essays.

When reading books, a person unconsciously borrows the author’s style, the course of his thoughts, etc.

To create your little masterpiece, you can use several different styles or create your own on their basis.

By combining the information you receive, you are sure to create something new and original that will please your teacher.

2. Reading and Communication

A book cannot replace live human communication, but it can prepare you for it and make you a more sensitive and attentive interlocutor.

3. New Friends

It is not uncommon for an acquaintance of two people to begin with a discussion of a recently read free book.

When the interlocutor notices that you are “in the subject,” read the same books as he does, and have common interests with him, you can count on the fact that the interlocutor will unconsciously come over to your side.

At the first opportunity, sign up for a club of literature lovers. If there are no such institutions in your city, organize your club. It may be only virtual at first.

But when a sufficient number of like-minded people gather, invite them all to meet in real life.

4. Beautiful Speech

Word of mouth is necessary for all people, without exception. Speaking at meetings or a job interview is bound to be in everyone’s life.

Beautiful correct speech without parasitic words is sure to attract the attention of the person to whom it is addressed.

Not all literature has a positive impact on vocabulary. Give preference to the classics.

Perhaps some of the words and speech clichés used by famous writers of the XVIII-XIX centuries have already become obsolete or gone out of use.

Nevertheless, the works of Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky are still considered a model to follow. Using archaisms in your speech is one way to draw attention to what you are saying.

Received and forgotten information is of no benefit. Try to memorize quotations and the most striking turns of speech with the successful use of stylistic means.

Use them in speech with the preservation of authorship. For example, in an argument with your opponent, you can refer to some ancient Greek philosopher.

Chances are, your interlocutor will have nothing to answer you, and he unwittingly imbued with respect for you.

Learning poems or excerpts from them by heart is equally useful. Knowing poetry will make those around you, especially the opposite sex, admire you.

5. Reading and Life

Comparing a free book to a teacher is not an exaggeration.

In addition, a parallel can be drawn between a book and a philosopher, personal psychologist, or guide.

6. Escape from Problems:

In everyone’s life, from time to time, there are unpleasant situations from which it is necessary to distract. It is possible to divert attention in different ways.

Unfortunately, some people prefer alcohol or drugs. Such methods do not help to solve problems, but you are guaranteed that new ones will appear.

7. A Quiet Quay

A book probably can’t solve the problem in your life either, but it will provide a temporary escape from reality.

After reading a few pages of your chosen work, you will be surprised to find that a situation that seemed so awful an hour ago is not so nightmarish as to be depressing.

8. Calming Leisure

You don’t always want to be active. Skiing or going to nightclubs is much more suitable for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

However, if your work is associated with constant movement, by the evening, you will be so tired that the idea of going to entertainment is unlikely to be seriously considered.

An evening of reading will give you peace of mind and peace of mind.

On weekends you can combine business with pleasure: go with a book in the countryside, to the nearest park or garden.

9. A Glance at Reality

In reading books, especially fiction, a person lives several lives at the same time.

Today he looks at the world through the eyes of an American detective, tomorrow, he will feel like a Spanish painter.

Each character in each book he read leaves a piece of himself in his soul. As a result, the reader sees reality not “one-sidedly” but from several angles at once.

The knowledge and philosophy of the fictional characters can come in handy in everyday life.

Looking at someone else’s life from the outside allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses. In the pages of novels, people often meet characters similar to themselves.

You get the impression that the author has long spied on your life, studied you from all sides, and as a result, has created his hero, your literary double.

When working on a book, the author often chooses to be the object of observation.

10. A Little Variety

Who doesn’t dream of traveling anywhere in the world, past or future, completely free? The journey is made possible by the book.

The experience of such a journey through time and space is no less realistic than an ordinary trip. Many writers who have told of distant countries and exciting adventures have never been to the places they describe.

Authors who create their worlds attract special attention. In just a few seconds after you start reading, you find yourself on a distant planet, seeing its inhabitants and immersing yourself in a new, unknown life.


One of the main functions of a parent with his child is the transfer of knowledge and experience.

And while experience will be gained in any case, knowledge will have to be gained independently.

After school and graduation, you shouldn’t forget about books. The more you learn, the more new information you can pass on to your child.

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