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Best Advice from Guidance Counselors for College Applications

Written by CB Experts

Guidance counselors have all kinds of advice, but here are some areas you should be picking their brains for.

  • Ask your guidance counselor what colleges she recommends  for you.  She knows local colleges and universities, she knows you, and she knows which colleges have worked for others students in your high school like you.
  • Ask how to improve your resume.  Your high school counselor can help you balance your activities, and he might even suggest leaving an activity out so you can showcase it in supplemental materials or in your essay.  (He will tell you not to repeat information.)
  • Ask what more you can be doing.  Your guidance counselor will want you to always be working toward your goal.  Maybe she will suggest looking for scholarships.  Maybe he will want you to be contacting admissions people to update your materials, or maybe they will have ideas about how you can follow up on your application to improve your chances of acceptance.

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