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How to Find The Best Research Paper Writing Service 

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Being a student is not that easy. This is due to many demands piling up on the student’s shoulders and the strain of having to take up a part-time job to pay bills and tuition.

As such, essay writing services have become an essential part of students’ lives. The demand for the best research paper writing service has risen over years.

However, it is worth noting that not all of these service providers out in the market are legitimate. As a student, you ought to consider keenly the kind of online research paper writer you intend to use. Weigh all your options and find a good essay writing service with good traits.

Students should understand that a good online writing service offers the best professional assistance, thus saving them a great deal of time.

How to Find the Best Research Paper Writing Help

Finding the best writing service is no easy task. Finding a good writing service provider saves you time and money. You get to have more time to work and relax.

However, searching for the best service provider can be a serious and tedious task, given many search results that will pop on your browser when you google the available options.

Many of these writing services feature positive reviews and customer feedback on the providers’ websites, information that is not easily verifiable.

Discerning a good writing service from a bad one aiming to mint money rather than offer quality service requires your full attention.

To decide on a quality service provider, you will need to pay attention to the following factors:


The more years of experience a service provider has, the more chances that they are a reliable option. Companies with more vast experience offering quality writing services stand out from the rest.

To ensure that you are not duped on the experience, check the domain registration date and details. Some providers are just out to do shady business.

Services Offered

Look out for writing service providers who offer a wide range of services. Ensure that the service provider you choose clearly states all their offering on their website.


Check out and compare price ranges between various service providers. Ensure that the prices are within your budget, too.

Another factor is the inclusion of a price calculator on a company’s website. Do they have a price computing system integrated on their site?

Check and ascertain the price variation of different offerings like thesis, term papers, dissertations, research papers, and projects.

Worth noting is that prices are also affected by different academic levels of study: high school, university, and postgraduate.

Plagiarism Checker

Is the service provider offering a plagiarism result? Do they have a plagiarism checker?

A good-rated writing service provider should have a quality plagiarism checker to ensure that all the work it writes is original and not duplicated.


Do they have professional research paper writers? Ensure to check that the writers are sourced from among a list of native English speakers.

The writers should be vast in various fields of expertise, and they should have reputable histories as renowned writers capable of handling diverse academic disciplines with no typing errors.

Payment Options

Ensure that the option you choose accepts secure payment options that are favorable to you. A good service provider should offer you several payment options that are safe and secure, such as MasterCard and Visa.


Do they offer their clients discounts? A great writing service provider should have a number of tailored deals for its clients.

If they do offer discounts, then they should openly declare those on their website. Discounts save students a nice couple of bucks to go out and have fun.


What kind of guarantees do they offer to clients to caution them in case of anything? Reliable service providers have guarantees for their clients.

Customer Support

An excellent service provider should have an experienced customer service team that works round the clock to ensure that clients’ needs, inquiries and complaints are heard and taken care of.


Is it a credible website? Can you trust them with your private details? Can you trust them to deliver your paper on time?

Pay attention to client feedback on their website. Read users’ reviews and form an opinion from there. Many variables can help decipher the legitimacy of a service provider, so pay attention to all these variables.

What is the Best Research Paper Writers Service?

The best writing service is one that offers its clients a number of tailored writing and editing services. will help you discern which research paper writer service is the best and are to be trusted.

Top Writers Review

Top Writers Review is a writing service review that works with a team to provide you with an unbiased opinion based on user-generated content reviews and reviewers’ experience.

Every service is handled with a lot of confidentiality, and all legal issues are expertly addressed to ensure that clients’ privacy and confidentiality are maintained. To assist you in deciding on the best writing service, top writers review goes through the whole process of becoming a client and receiving the final orders.

Quality is the driver of all operations as the site provides you with top research paper writing services reviews.

Are you looking for cheap research paper help? Here are some of the best options:

Top 3 Writing Websites

1. Grab My Essay – Most Popular Among Students

Grab My Essay offers a wide range of services, including graduate papers, reports and high school essays to its clients.

Their services include;

  • Pro copywriting services for businesses that need high-quality content for their blog and websites. They boast of an army of writers with experience in marketing.
  • Resume writing and profiles- their qualified HR professionals help write the best documents to help you bag that employment opportunity.
  • Editing and proofreading of write-ups to the highest quality
  • Writing of scholarship and letters of admissions for students who want high-quality essays to help convince admission boards.
  • Homework papers and term paper writing service for different academic levels and disciplines.
  • Business writing on complex reports, marketing content and presentations.
  • Writing dissertations, graduate projects, term paper service and theses.
  • Rewriting from scratch articles and texts of all kinds for academic purposes and businesses.

Grab My Essay is a trustworthy and reliable writing service because of the following reasons;

  • Clients can communicate with their support team directly. Their website features a chatbot where you can follow up on your order status and request any changes to your paper.
  • They offer clients guarantees on their website, thus eliminating the risks of any misunderstanding.
  • Client information and privacy is protected, and they are required to sign a privacy form.
  • All orders delivered belong to clients and are not resold to any other writing services.
  • Originality is at the core of Grab My Essay; they have a number of plagiarism checkers to ensure that all orders are original.

The quality of writing at Grab My Essay is top-notch as their writers are outsourced from the best, and their quality control system actually works.

Their writers are native English speakers from the US and UK.

Customer testimonials available on their website show that their clients are satisfied with their services.

Their prices start from $12.95 per page and vary depending on the paper’s size and its complexities. They feature a pricing tool on their website to help clients compute costs. Their payment options are safe and secure.

Grab My Essay checks all the right boxes, and It offers a high-quality turnaround. Their customer service is impeccable, and customer testimonials show that tutors have awarded their papers high marks.

The quality of services offered by Grab My Essay is exceptional, and their prices are very affordable too.

2. Top Essay Writing – Best Prices

Top Essay Writing has been around for about eight years now. Their website is user-friendly, recommended, and their offerings are numerous.

They offer writing, editing, and rewriting services of any academic level to their clients, and their prices are relatively lower for such quality services.

The content quality is impressive, and the turnaround time is excellent too. Their writers follow clients’ instructions keenly to ensure that they deliver quality custom-tailored work.

Why students choose to work with Top Essay Writing:

  • They offer free samples to study
  • They offer all types of writing for various academic writing options; resumes, editing, rewriting, writing services for research papers, and proofreading.
  • Their minimum deadline is 3 hours.
  • They accept several safe payment options; these include; MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Visa.
  • They have fantastic guarantees for their clients.
  • Their prices are affordable, with the lowest being $12.99 per page
  • They offer free plagiarism reports and revisions
  • They have over 2000 seasoned research paper writers
  • Their customer support is functional

3. Writing Universe

With a relatively shorter period serving as a writing service provider, Writing Universe offers the best essay writing services. They provide students for various academic levels with many exceptional services.

Their services include writing, editing, rewriting, and proofreading. For such quality services, their prices are relatively low, and that is just a fantastic deal.

They offer free samples to students on their website to act as a starting point for gauging the quality of their research paper service.

Reasons why students choose WritingUniverse;

  • They have great writers
  • Their policies are friendly
  • Their prices are relatively lower, with the lowest being $11.99 per page
  • Their customer service is professional and operational
  • They accept several safe payment methods
  • They offer students amazing guarantees like; plagiarism reports, refunds and revisions.
  • Their minimum deadline is 3 hours.

Their services are impeccable, but their experience is relatively short.

Are All Research Paper Writing Service Reviews Legit?

A number of research paper writer services exist online, but not all of them are reputable; some are out to scam you. Our sole duty is to ensure that we assist you in making the right decision in terms of which writing services to work with.

You want to hire only the best writing service to handle your research paper for you, and our reviews and guides are here to help students in making sober decisions when it comes to which service provider to trust with their assignments.

Trusting these reviews is only logical if you want the best value for your money. Top Writers Reviews offers a variety of services and amongst them is research writing services reviews. The website features a couple of these reviews, and all it takes is a search on our user-friendly web interface.

However, do not just rely on one source if you are looking for the best term paper writing service reviews; you should check multiple websites and get different opinions.

A one-sided view can be misleading at times. If the review service has negative reviews on their website, there sure is a problem. This is a red flag.

Main Criteria for the Best Research Paper Writing Services in USA

The best paper writing service needs to meet certain integral conditions. These conditions vary from the kind of services offered to the levels of academic qualification.

Students tend to follow the following criteria while choosing research paper services to work with:

  • Good English: Are their writers native English speakers? Do they understand the language, its use, and grammatical use?
  • Paper quality: The quality of turnout needs to be high. This is achieved through thorough research, experienced and professional writers, and keenness to follow clients’ instructions when handling essays and scientific research work.
  • Uniqueness: Are the papers produced 100% unique? The best writing service should present a student with original work that is plagiarism-free and authentic.
  • Adequate communication: Is there a direct communication line with the designated writers? A good service provider should integrate a chatbot on their website and offer clients one-on-one interaction with their commissioned writers.
  • Deadlines: A good writing service provider should be able to deliver orders on time to beat submission deadlines. This way, students avoid penalties that may arise from late submissions.
  • Strict adherence to client instructions: The best writing service should deliver a paper that follows a client’s instructions to a tee. Writers should follow instructions like word count, page numbers, style, and font.

Most Common Questions & Answers

Here are some of the commonly asked questions by students about essay writing services.

How much does the best research paper writing service cost?

The best professional research paper writing services should offer clients affordable and fair prices based on the complexities of the order.

Service providers typically feature quick price calculating tools integrated on their websites to help students compute prices.

Prices start from as low as $11.00 per page for most writing service providers. GrabMyessay, for example, charges $14.99 per page for a high school essay, $20.99 for a one-page senior college essay, and $22.99 per page for a Master’s research paper.

Can I turn in the article I receive?

All articles are expertly written to cater to your academic needs and are therefore meant for research purposes and model answers meant to guide you write your final paper. It is therefore advisable to use an order to tailor your own paper.

What if I didn’t get a satisfactory paper?

If you are unsatisfied with the paper delivered to you by research paper writing services, there should be guarantees to help you navigate this.

A number of guarantees like money back, revision, original and plagiarism-free work should come in handy in such an instance. These guarantees guarantee you a partial or full refund depending on whether the work is unsatisfactory or was delivered late.

You can always request a plagiarism report if you doubt the authenticity of a paper.

What if the order wasn’t delivered on time?

If your order is not delivered on time, then you should be able to request a full refund from the writing services. It is important to work with service providers with no history of late turnarounds of orders.

Do best research paper writing services Plagiarize?

Plagiarism is highly frowned upon in the world of academia, and paper writing services understand this.

Research paper writing service providers hire the best-qualified writers to handle all orders with the utmost integrity to ensure that clients’ needs are handled with care and papers are perfect.

Most service providers offer their clients free plagiarism reports to ensure that all the work delivered is 100% unique and not copied. You can always use plagiarism checking tools like Turnitin to confirm and ascertain the quality of papers whenever in doubt.


Handling assignments can nerdify you. Finding the best research paper writing help might seem like a big task; if you follow these tips and read the reviews offered, the task shouldn’t be laborious.

Using an unscrupulous website is risky and can cost you your grades and all that you have worked for as a student. It is therefore vital to pay close attention to the service providers you are considering as helpers.

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