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The 5 Best Writing Services for Your Next College Semester Essay 

Written by CB Community

Each student has faced the situation of overloads, unclear assignments, and important personal plans on the agenda.

If sacrifice some things in this list, students often prefer to do this with boring or useless assignments.

Meanwhile, students get lots of free time to do assignments they like, internships, and jobs, find out more about truly interesting things, like sports, fashion, and courses as well as organize a schedule in a calmer way and pack a bag well in the end.

Still, to focus and do all these engaging things, it is necessary to find a reliable paper writing service for boring and useless assignments on the agenda.

At this point, there are many things to consider to make a good choice and don’t miss.

Choose the Essay Writing Service That Works Best for You

When the story comes to choosing a reliable essay writing company, it is natural to have doubts and questions.

Still, at this point, there are many valuable nuances to keep in mind. They will help with carrying out a proper assessment and defining the best writing services among the variety of options available online.

Here are the criteria we suggest you consider while assessing each potential service provider:

Open 24/7

Any truly good writing partner is always available online anytime a customer may only need quality help with writing papers.

A student may request quality assistance even late at night – these options have to be provided in a timely fashion always.

The team has to ensure instant replies and support with regard to all aspects of help requested by a customer.

Qualifications of Writers

This is another must-have aspect of a truly reliable writing company. It has to thoroughly check the qualifications, degrees, and skills of all applicants who intend to start a collaboration with this writing company.

In any case, each professional needs to have a degree – master’s or doctoral.

For quality writing, including in complicated cases, at least 3 years of successful experience are needed.

Also, a company should test the competencies and skills of all professionals who intend to complete papers for customers through testing rounds and writing exams.

The next performance of writers has to be monitored further. You need to check how a company you assess for now describes the qualifications of its writers and the selection process it carries out in each case.

Plagiarism-Free Papers

All papers that are made by request have to be plagiarism-free. This important nuance has to be checked a couple of times before sending the ready-made paper to a customer.

All references also have to be made according to the requirements for writing a paper.

Reasonable Rates

Check this matter thoroughly. It is necessary to make sure that all rates are reasonable – not higher than the average ones in the market and not too low so they could not guarantee the involvement of professional writers.

Make sure a company charges fairly for its services – the calculation procedure should be clear for all users.

And the final precalculated rate should not be altered once it has been confirmed by a customer and paid for.


Any truly reliable website you may involve to write papers for money has to provide you with the guarantee of privacy and confidentiality.

All details that users provide for review should be processed, keeping in mind the highest standards. Such details should not be transferred anywhere without obtaining a direct consent of a customer who has provided such details.

Anyone from outside also should not find out about the fact that a user has requested assistance with writing a paper.

Money-Back if Something Doesn’t Work

In this case, if a writer has failed to complete a task on time, a company should guarantee the refund of money paid for writing services.

The list of cases when a customer becomes eligible for the refund guarantee should be foreseen by the refund policy that a target company has.

Support Anytime

Any customer shouldn’t be left with some unclarified points or unresolved matters. All truly reliable essay writing services ensure effective support.

Its agents should be always available to provide explicit details about the services that interest customers, handle all types of possible negotiations, request extra details, etc.

Of course, support for writing should be provided free of charge in any case.

If you assess any potential paper writing company, draw attention to these must-have aspects. If a company performs well at all these points, it surely can be considered a reliable one.

In the case of overloads and limited time for independent searches, get this list of TOP 5 professional essay writing services that correspond to all these criteria 100%.

1. — The best essay writing help service overall

This is the #1 company on our list due to its expertise, and the range of offers suggested to customers. It has vast experience in rendering different types of academic services: high school, college, and university.

One of the most popular requests, in this case, is to seek dissertation writing services, but that is surely not the only popular type of paper.

Essays, research, and term papers are TOPs here. The list of options offered here is truly impressive – 30+ types of papers.

The company offers a quite flexible scheme of rates – starting from $10/page. All rates are calculated based on the information provided by a customer – type of order, academic level, number of pages, and a deadline.

The rate is fixed after a customer and can’t be altered in the course of rendering writing services. Based on the assessment of similar market options, the rates for the services are even a bit below the average market rates for similar offers.

The company also emphasizes especially qualifications of paper writers for hire and the standards of writing.

Both are checked and monitored in the course of collaboration with all customers to make sure that each user gets the papers of decent quality.

Strict selection and quality assurance are guaranteed here.

According to the review of users, most of them are satisfied with the quality of writing and customer service. They appreciate timely deliveries and good grades obtained as a consequence of collaboration with this team.

In terms of confidentiality and money back, this company also performs well. Any user may be confident while applying and getting service here – all personal details are safely processed and stored.

So, in all aspects, this company deserves the title of the best paper writing service on Reddit, with lots of positive reviews from customers. And, of course, it ensures the best user support along with its services.

2. — Best affordable essay writing service

This is a company that is distinct for its quality-price balance. A good point is that the service offers high-quality options.

It has lots of qualified authors that can ensure this type of quality.

At the same time, it is appreciated by the users because of its rates which are much below the market level.

The company can perform well at all levels: high school, college, and high school. It is a possible and straightforward thing to order here essays, research papers, coursework, and other homework assignments.

The company is experienced in writing complicated papers.

This service also guarantees the confidentiality of collaboration and saves all details about the papers created upon request. The customer support function is ensured at a TOP level as well.

3. — Best academic essay writing service

This is another option recommended to users who need a price-quality balance. It produces papers of decent quality and at a good rate.

Users can order here all types of essays, research and term papers, coursework tasks, and many other popular academic assignments. High school, college, and university levels are covered.

The process of rendering a paper is pretty simple and straightforward.  A customer has to indicate the details of a paper needed only: its type, academic level, number of pages, and deadline.

Based on these parameters, the price for the services will be calculated automatically. Rates are pretty affordable here – starting from $10/page.

Papers prepared here are of decent quality. In any case, free revisions are ensured. This option is provided for free.

And what is pleasant, many other free features are available to customers – free formatting, references, and a title page. The support function operates more than well here.

Many positive reviews have been revealed during the assessment. And most of them were associated with the quality of papers, on-time deliveries, and overall good service experience.

This company has a high customer happiness rate and is fairly considered to be the best academic writing service at many points.

4. — Best custom homework help writing service

Professionally-made homework help is now available at $10/page. And it can cost even less if a customer is eligible for a specific discount or promo code.

For instance, it is an easy thing to save 10% for the first order.

This company has gained a reputation as a reliable company that renders quality homework help. It covers such levels as high school, college, and university.

Most popular types of assignments, like essays, research and term papers, coursework, case study, and many others, can be easily and successfully completed here.

This team has professional writers in different areas, including Math, Geometry, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Biology.

It thoroughly checks the writers’ qualifications and the next performance forming an internal rating of such professionals.

There are lots of positive reviews about homework writing services offered here. The team provides excellent support and qualified assistance. It delivers all papers in a timely fashion only.

It also ensures lots of free options, like free edits, formatting, title page, originality report, and outline. Money-back may be also provided if a customer is not happy about the final quality of a paper or if a deadline has been missed entirely.

So, if you are searching for the best homework helper who can complete your homework task in the best way, ask this company to help you.

It is a reliable and trusted homework helper in the market.

5. — Best university essay writing service

This company may perfectly suit university students as it is the most popular among them according to the reviews available.

Still, this service company also covers high school and college levels well too. Essays, term and research papers, case studies, and many other papers can be ordered here starting at $10/page.

The quality of papers is decent here – the company adheres to the highest writing standards. It also ensures TOP support in all aspects while providing qualified assistance.

Users may also enjoy many free features, like a free plagiarism report, formatting, and free revisions without limitations. The pleasant point is that certain discounts are available to customers, like the first 5% for new customers.

So, this company is another good option to save for future references if you have any university writing challenges.

Writing Service Online: FAQs

In this section, we have collected answers to the most common questions that interest our users. Look through these answers instantly for quick references and answers.

For more details and getting the info about some specific questions, contact our support staff without hesitation.

How do I place an order for my essay writing?

It is an easy thing in general. You need to know your requirements for writing and formulate all possible preferences in this regard only.

Another important aspect is to take an order form placed on the website of a company you have chosen and complete all must-have fields there.

Namely, it is necessary to specify the type of paper you need, academic level, number of pages, and deadline.

Later, you need to check your “write my paper” request and forward it instantly. The remainder of the writing activities will be completed instead of you.

How much does it cost to have my paper written by a writing service?

It depends on the paper writing service you have requested. Some have a predefined scheme of rates available for review to all interested users.

Such rates are calculated and changed based on a couple of parameters, like the type of academic paper, deadline, academic level, and the number of pages requested.

Once these parameters have been defined, a rate for the expected service is calculated automatically.

If you are eligible for any discount or promo code, you need to enter it in the respective field only. The final rate will be altered respectively.

Are online writing services legit?

Yes, these services are 100% legit. You are ordering learning content on this website. It operates according to all applicable laws and policies.

It also has the rules of operation that envisage the rights and guarantees for users.

The single point you need to make before applying for the services is to check whether you are going to cooperate with a reliable writing partner.

This should be a legally existing company. All services listed in this review are checked and legit ones.

How long does it take a writing service to do my paper?

It may take a couple of hours or a couple of weeks to complete an assignment you may have on your agenda now.

In any case, the final answer to this question depends on the type of order you are going to make and, of course, your preferences about the date before which the final delivery should be made to you.

For instance, you may order an essay with a close deadline of 2-4 hours. That will be a realistic deadline for this type of work.

But, if we speak about more complicated types of papers, like research papers, completing those in a quality way may take approximately 3-5 days, again, depending on the complexity of a topic on the agenda.

How Do I Choose a Perfect Writing Service?

This depends on your priorities for writing.

Of course, you should assess in the first turn those services that possess expertise in completing the types of papers you have.

In any case, a truly good company always hires proficient writers and checks their performance later. It always has its internal rating of professionals.

Another aspect that has to be emphasized especially is the scheme of rates. There is no need to overpay for the same services.

Prefer companies that offer moderate rates for their offers. All companies listed in this review of essay writing sites are reliable in both mentioned aspects.


So, if you are a busy student who is totally limited in time to complete some tasks on the agenda, save this article with the review of truly reliable paper writing companies.

All of them are checked and verified from the point of their standards, qualifications of writers, ratings, terms of service, costs, and many other nuances that may have an impact on your choice.

For independent search, we suggest you take and apply the scope of options taken by our reviewers for assessment. Make your life easier with reliable writing partners.

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