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The Top 5 Certificates That Will Impress Every Recruiter

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Recruiters are playing a larger role than ever in the acquisition and deployment of human capital across industries.

With the vast majority of all modern job postings unlisted, companies rely on recruiters to help them find the right people for the right job, as the cost of bad hires can be catastrophic.

Recruiters broker employment relationships between workers and employers, looking for candidates and suggesting those in their network to companies looking for talent.

Below are the top certificates that will impress every recruiter:

1. Public Relations

Public relations continues to grow in importance in the digital era, as companies seek to position themselves culturally and politically, and also with respect to the extent to which social media has put businesses under the microscope.

Poorly handled PR moves can cost companies a tremendous amount of goodwill and money, which is why finding capable, certified PR professionals is so high on the list of things to do for businesses in the digital era.

Public relations is something that can be studied at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

A certificate in public relations, and particularly an MBA, lets employers and recruiters know that you are able to work well under pressure, think on your feet, know how to speak publicly, and are comfortable using all of the social media channels that are a part of modern PR.

If you would rather go the online course route, keep in mind that there are often discounts to be had on well-respected online courses.

2. Data Analysis

We live in the era of big data and data analysis. Companies base their entire competitive edge on how well they are able to collect large amounts of data from within and outside of the organization and synthesize it into actionable advice.

Data analysis is complicated and of high value, which means that people who possess data analysis certificates are almost always sought after.

There are myriad data analytics certifications you can get, some of them from post-secondary institutions, others from respected online providers.

They include the Certified Analytics Professional, Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP), Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences, Certified Analytics Professional, Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst, and the EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA) certificates.

3. Translation

Highlighting language skills on a resume is a surefire way to make you stand out to recruiters because we live and work in a global economy.

Companies target international audiences and have business partners and clients in countries where English is not the first language.

Many people claim on their CVs that they are multilingual, but language skills are easy to lie about and so many people do.

If you really want to show a recruiter and subsequently an employer that you can speak and write in multiple languages, consider adding some weight to the claim with a certified translator certificate.

A translation certificate is done through an accredited institution that certifies participants who have successfully completed the courses and training are able to translate official documentation.

Whether you were fortunate enough to grow up in a multilingual household or for other reasons of happenstance, leveraging your language capabilities is one of the best things you can do on a resume but you need to do it right.

4. Project Management Certificates

A project management certificate is another universally well-received and highly respected certification you can have on your resume that will likely make it that much easier for a recruiter to place you

Project management skills are broad and useful across industries and throughout the organization. They include people management, budgeting, digital and problem-solving skills, as well as an ability to work and collaborate inter-departmentally.

Project management certifications include the PMP, or Project Management Professional (the gold standard of project management), and the CAPM or the Certified Associate in Project Management.

The latter is more accessible, affordable, and requires fewer time commitments. Both also require time spent on the job in order to meet certification requirements.

5. Cyber Security Certificates

Cybercrime is way up and continues to be one of the major threats businesses of all sizes face in the increasingly chaotic digital era.

The IoT, the proliferation of new automation and B2B software and a large number of people now working remotely means companies are more exposed than ever.

The top cybersecurity certifications include the CISSP, CISA, CISM, and CEH and they are all looked upon favorably by recruiters and employers looking to find and place IT and cybersecurity professionals.


Upskilling and making yourself future-proof are important parts of success in the modern labor market.

Standing out to recruiters trying to sort through and categorize hundreds, if not thousands of applications, and increasingly with the help of artificial intelligence, requires you to make it clear that you have in-demand skills and training to offer.

Keep the above certifications in mind when thinking about how to augment your resume and go for the ones recruiters know, respect and regularly place in a wide range of industries.

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