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Tips for Celebrating Christmas Without Blowing Your Student Budget

Written by CB Community

It was only a blink of an eye before we realized it was December.

Coursework has been submitted, end-of-term examinations have been completed and now it’s time to pack up your belongings and take them packing to your parents or enjoy time with your friends in your student housing in Nottingham or New York.

As most of you prepare for the holidays, you’ll undoubtedly want to get your Christmas preparations done as soon as possible.

In any case, Christmas can be a difficult time for students when it comes to gift-giving or just really enjoying it.

We’ve seen some very creative ways that students have pulled off Christmas on a limited budget over the years, so here are a few of our favorites to get you started!

Extra Spending Should Be Avoided

Not everyone puts money aside all year for Christmas. It isn’t easy to go back in time and save bucks as the festive season is already underway.

Probably reduce non-holiday expenditures to help offset the additional spending that comes with the holidays.

You could, for example, reduce how much you spend on eating out and preparing meals in your student housing of Oxford or Sheffield, or even your shopping budget.

Examine your mobile phone data plan to see if you may reduce your monthly phone bill.

It’s perfectly all right to reduce your spending this month in order to enjoy the holidays without sliding into debt. The hardest part is getting up with some significant credit card debt and buyer’s remorse the day after Christmas.

So, cancel your monthly coffee runs or reduce your personal expenditures to save money.

Give Them a Gift Card

There will always be that one individual that you can’t get anything for. They either purchase everything for themselves, giving you nothing to present them with, or they provide no indications or advice and say “don’t bother about me” every year when you question what they want!

Gift cards come out on their own in this situation. You could put a budget on the card, and the receiver gets to choose their own gift with it.

This forces them to spend it on something entertaining and trivial instead of something serious.

Don’t Go Alone When It Comes to Hosting

While entertaining may be your thing, by the time you fill the bar and prepare your famous sausage platter, you may find yourself worrying about the amount of money you spent rather than spreading Christmas pleasure.

But instead of tackling it alone this year, team up with your flatmates of your student accommodation in Chicago or Manchester. It will be more enjoyable for both you and your budget to organize a party.

Prepare Hampers

They appear to be costly and thoughtful, yet they may be pretty inexpensive! Fill a hamper with all of your favorite (affordable) items, such as food, little bottles of wine, and socks.

Perhaps a few handcrafted gifts, such as candles, jams, or a tiny picture album. Anything is possible!

The beauty of hampers is that you can make them as little or as pricey as you like; keep in mind your budget.

So, if you’re prepared to put in some thinking and work, Christmas could be economical. But don’t lose sight of the most important aspect of Christmas: your friends and family.

They place a higher value on your presence than on your gifts.

Use Your Student ID or Email Address

More than merely concert tickets are eligible for student discounts with your student ID.

For example, you can join up for Amazon Prime Student with a verified student email address and get free delivery on millions of qualifying goods, as well as unique university promotions and discounts.

More amazing savings may be discovered on anything from computer software to FedEx delivery to newspapers, groceries, clothes, and so much more.

The core argument is that you should always inquire about a student discount.

Keep an Eye Out For Sales

There are tons of sales throughout November and December; all you have to do is be ready to take advantage of them when they occur!

Some things would inevitably run out of stock, but this is one of the most excellent methods to obtain the items you need at a lower cost if you’re organized.

Signing up for newsletters from companies you enjoy may be really beneficial in this regard.


These are the approaches to enjoying the wonderful Christmas season on a limited budget.

You’ll be making wonderful Christmas experiences whether you manufacture your own presents, find methods to split the cost, or start enjoying free activities.

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