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Preparing for the IPM: 6 Best IPMAT Online Coaching Platforms in India

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IPM is the abbreviation for Integrated Programme in Management. The well-known Indian Institute of Management(IIM) offers a five-year management program known as IPM.

It is a double degree program (Bachelor’s and Master’s) aimed at students who have completed education till 12th grade or equivalent schools in India.

Primarily aimed at those students, it is possible for people who have enrolled in a bachelor course somewhere to join this.

Why Should You Join IPM?

Other than the brand value of graduating from a globally reputed institute such as IIM, there are other reasons for people to enroll in this course. The teaching angle is not rigid and takes different approaches to maximize students’ potential.

The world-class facilities of IIM facilitate the process. Also, compared to other graduation options, this course increases the probability of being employed.

For joining the course, you have to take the entrance test known as IPMAT. You might need coaching for performing well on this aptitude test. There’s a myriad of options from which one may decide.

Many good coaching centers in India are available, both offline and online. Online studies have made it easy for the best coaching institutions to reach every corner in India and allow flexibility on the student’s side.

Only the top 500 get into the program after clearing the entrance test making it one of the hardest entrances to crack. Some may believe it is not required to get coaching but that only works out for some individuals.

So it’s advised to get enrolled in a good coaching institute. Let’s look at a few of the best online coaching institutions.

How Do You Identify A Good Coaching Platform?

It would be best to focus on a few things before joining any platform to maximize your benefits. Enrol only in good coaching platforms because the others will probably waste time and money.

Here are a few factors that might help you identify a good coaching platform/institution:


Without proper guidance, you will probably be treading in darkness. Proper guidance ensures that you stay on the right path to achieve your goal.

A qualified and experienced faculty will ease your preparations and increase your performance as they have the required knowledge of the field.

Having someone who knows the exam through a personal experience is better and recommended as you will receive a first-person account of the situation.


The material you require to prepare for the exam is crucial. Some platforms provide specially compiled content.

Individuals with expert knowledge of the field put together the content for these platforms.

Good coaching platforms and institutions will provide this, acting as a headstart for aspirants.


Without tests, the learning process becomes passive, which causes many problems as students fail to recollect whatever they studied.

Mock tests are carefully put together with help with active learning, enabling maximum performance. It also familiarises the student with the exam.

These are the most prominent factors you should search for before deciding.

Keeping these three essential factors in mind will help you choose the best coaching platform and save your money and time.

The Best Platforms/Institutions for IPMAT Coaching

1. AceIPM

Thirty thousand students give the IPMAT test every year. If you want to stand out and secure a place for yourself, AceIPM is the way to go.

The coaching provides distinctive coaching. They don’t use people who have a background in the field but not information or experience from the present.

They employ seniors for tutoring so that the aspirants get the best idea of the situation and grab the opportunity by its horns. It is an online coaching platform that caters only to aspiring IPM students.

Apart from this, they provide personalized learning. People at AceIPM sit together with the students to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

After that, they devise the perfect study plan for the candidate. On top of that, the student gets access to trusted content put together by IPM students. This feature allows the students to get the upper hand over their competition.

Along with the content and the plan, they conduct daily live sessions and regular mock tests. And the mock tests provided by AceIPM have helped many people, and they say it’s the best set of mock tests one can find.

If you’re still unsure of choosing AceIPM, they offer free consulting sessions to clear all the doubts you might have. They also provide free demo sessions to show all the facilities you will be gaining if you choose to go with AceIPM.

AceIPM has all the three essential factors mentioned earlier and other things such as personal attention.

2. Supergrads

Supergrads is the most popular IPM coaching institution right now. The quality of their faculties is what differentiates Supergrads from the rest.

Simultaneously, the professors here are well-known for their nature, despite their fantastic expertise.

Supergrads is also renowned for its personalized learning services tailored to each student’s learning style. They provide adaptive preparation for pupils to deal effectively with their learning methods.

Students can also attend explicit doubt-clearing sessions, and they have the liberty to voice their concerns.

3. Toprankers

Toprankers is at present one of the most recognized IPM preparation institutions. Those enthusiastic about online training, in particular, will find it to be one of the best possibilities.

They are also quite popular for their mentorship sessions. In any scenario, their faculties are regarded as the best in the world for IPM training.

The institute is well-known for its student evaluations and how it assists them by delivering detailed reports.

The institute has been reasonably exceptional among IPM applicants since it is equipped with high-end machine learning analytical techniques.

4. Career Launcher

Career Launcher stands out because their advice helps students to become more motivated. The institute is remarkable in terms of faculty.

The study resources they give are also good. Mock tests conducted routinely help candidates gain confidence. The institute is well-known for providing each applicant with great personal attention.

Altogether, they meet all of the requirements for high-quality IPM training.

5. Endeavor Careers

For those seeking a reliable IPM coaching institute, Endeavor Careers is another excellent option. They offer a dedicated staff of highly certified instructors for IPM training, just as they do for all other courses.

The institute is well-known for the exceptionally high quality of its study materials. They provide thorough assistance in doubt clearing sessions and with helping the students with subject-related queries.

Students have the chance to ask questions at any moment.

6. Triumphant Institute of Management Education

The Triumphant Institute of Management Education, better recognized as TIME, is another highly praised IPM institution. TIME is easily a trusted brand among IPM applicants since it has centers in all of the nation’s major cities.

TIME shines apart in every way, from faculty to consultation to customize help to exam result evaluations. Undoubtedly, the record of pupils’ academic achievements has been outstanding.


These are some platforms/institutions that students can consider and choose according to their preferences. Some of the names listed above also provide in-person or offline services.

People living close to these centers can attend offline if they prefer.

Enrolling for some coaching will help increase your chances of getting into the course you’re aiming for such as IPM.

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