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College Applicants: Are you Using Parchment?

Written by CB Experts

Parchment is an online service for colleges, students, high schools, and employers. What does it do? It offers secure sending, receiving, and storing of educational credentials.

Why file or send your transcripts, diplomas, and certificates as paper any longer? Stored online they are readily available and can be sent as eTranscripts.

Already the Common Application interfaces with Parchment’s Docufide to send transcripts, letters of recommendation, and student reports to over 2,200 participating educational institutions (community colleges, 4-year public and private colleges and universities, and trade schools) from over a quarter of the high schools in the United States.

You can also go to Parchment and set up your own profile. There you can store your documents as PDF files and then retrieve them by printing or by sending them online. Parchment will send requests you make to your high school as well and then send the documents required. You can track the process to make sure your transcripts are received.

In addition, Parchment offers college applicants a college search tool. You can enter a list of colleges you are interested in, along with your tests scores, GPA, and grades, and their tool can predict your chance of getting admission. This tool will also help you search for colleges and find matches for you. You can even read students’ profiles who have been accepted at the college you are applying to so you can see what types of students they are accepting and slant your application toward that trend.

If you have a profile on Parchment, after you are attending college you can store pertinent job-hunting information and send your materials to prospective employers in your job search. Parchment goes along with you, stores your materials, and allows you access for sending or printing those materials as long as you have your profile.

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