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College Applicants, There were Changes over the Summer

Written by CB Experts

You may have started your college application process early in your junior year, but over the summer there were some changes. Here are a few for 2016 high school graduates.

Admission requirements for testing often change when there are changes to the tests. Prompted by the March, 2016, SAT changes, even this fall colleges have changed their requirements. Some colleges like Washington University no longer require test scores. Others, like the University of Pennsylvania, have different SAT Subject Test requirements. Be sure to check each college’s website to make sure you are meeting their 2016 application requirements.

October 15 is still the deadline for rolling admission colleges and special programs (other than Early Decision). Colleges have to give equal weight to all applications that come in before October 15. Don’t be fooled by the notices being sent out by some colleges this summer to apply early.

There is no need to pay to get money for college. used to be a for-profit company and charged $80 for the free FAFSA application for college financial aid. Now both and are free. Before applying, you should got to studentaid.ed gov and spend some time reading the information.

Finding merit aid at is more difficult to navigate. When you get there now, skip the registration form and scroll down to Merit Aid Scholarships Offered by Colleges. It’s easier than logging in.

Good luck, college applicants of 2015.

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