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College Life: 5 Things You Should Have in Your Backpack

Written by CB Community

College life is intense because your days are filled with activities, classes, and meetings, so you’re always on the go.

Packing your backpack for the day can be overwhelming because you must bring a lot of stuff everywhere you go.

How to even fit all your textbooks, stationery, tech, and all other daily essentials into a backpack? Learning to prioritize is essential.

Here are five things you should have in your backpack as a college student:

1. A Small Personal Care Kit

A self-care kit is essential for staying comfortable and happy throughout the day, regardless of where you are.

What items do you need daily and want to have with you all the time?

Here are some ideas for your self-care kit: sunscreen, tissues, hand lotion, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and ear plugs.

Do you struggle with chapped lips or dryness? Add this hydrating balm butter for lips to your self-care kit.

2. Laptop

A laptop is an indispensable item when it comes to your college backpack. Although it may seem heavy, it can replace your textbooks, assignments, dictionaries, notebooks, and books.

Moreover, it allows you to stay mobile throughout the day, which is incredibly helpful when you move around the campus or the city all day.

A laptop helps you study anywhere using only tech tools, thus saving you a lot of time.

3. A Healthy Snack

Having a healthy snack in your backpack is an excellent idea because you’ll never know when hunger hits.

As you go from one class to another, you may not have the time to walk across campus to find someplace to eat.

So, carrying a snack will make your day easier and more enjoyable.

Dried fruit, granola bars, cookies, apples, and bananas are excellent choices because you can eat them anywhere quickly and regain energy in a matter of minutes.

4. A Planner

College is messy. Keeping up with all your responsibilities can be challenging. Deadlines are always looming. Many activities, events, and classes overlap.

A planner is a game-changer for students who struggle to organize their lives.

You can add all your classes, exams, meetings, homework reminders, social events, and semester goals.

If you love planners, look into bullet journals which are more advanced versions of the typical planner.

5. Headphones

Between classes, you may find yourself sometimes getting bored. Carrying headphones with you all the time can help you overcome these moments easily.

You can listen to some music or watch some videos online. You can also use them to listen to lecture notes, audiobooks, or podcasts while walking around campus.

Remember that college students are noisy. If you like peace, bring some noise-canceling headphones.

Final Words

Being a college student is, paradoxically, both fun and difficult. Organizing your life can help you have a rewarding experience without feeling overwhelmed.

So, start with your daily bag or backpack. Have a checklist of essentials in mind, and you’ll never struggle to pack in the morning.

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