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College Grads, Brand Yourself

Written by CB Experts

Maybe you are a December college grad. If not, you may be looking ahead to being a spring college grad. Either way you will be looking for work.

Today, colleges that are more and more concerned with having impressive job placement numbers are helping their college graduates get a job. No longer do they have students only depend on their campus career centers and services.

Now college are actually hiring online services to help grads scrub their online presence. It is important that graduates begin the job search by cleaning up their online profiles. Colleges believe it is not enough to just warn students to do so. They are investing in services like to do it for their graduates. Along with making grads’ profiles acceptable to the business worlds, such services also help to optimize graduates’ information for the job hunt for search engines.

It’s a new world out there. Now graduates have to be tech savvy to find work, and colleges are helping them in order to compete.

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