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I Need Help Writing a Paper for College: What Should I Do?

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We have all been in this place — you have an approaching deadline, and you cannot just gather yourself to write a paper at the needed level of quality.

There may be myriads of reasons — you don’t feel good, you have other assignments to deal with, you have been partying too hard, or the class is too difficult for you.

You don’t need to explain it to us because we truly get it.

The question is, what should you do when you need your paper written in college?

There are options, and in this article, we will talk about their advantages and risks:

Ask for Help from Other Students

It is the most intuitive choice to address those who face the same problems day after day. You can ask for notes, for proofreading, you can decide to study together and discuss problems that you need to cover in a particular paper.

It is free, it can be fun, it helps you make friends, but it is helpful only if someone of your level or higher is ready to help you and only if the deadline is not too close.

Creating or joining a writing group may be a good idea, but it is not a perfect immediate solution to this problem.

Also, remember that anyone who helps you can also address you for help at any time, and it would be rude to say no.

If you are not big on favors and don’t want to rely on the experience of someone studying the same as you do, skip this option.

Hire a Tutor or Join Online Writing Course

Again, it is not the fastest way to tackle the situation, but it is definitely worth it if you want to have fewer writing problems in general. This solution is a strategic solution that will help you in the long run.

Tutors help not only to write better in terms of grammar and style, but they also show you how you can organize your studying process and maximize productivity.

Online courses may be paid or free (especially for students).

If you are disciplined enough, it is a good option to strengthen your writing skills, but if planning and organizing your writing time is a problem, then you may end up buying the course and not paying enough attention to it.

Still, if you never tried this option before, you can find a free short program and do it. This format can surprise you.

Look for Help from a Professional Writing Service

This option is an immediate solution to your problem. Sometimes, the problem with writing the paper is not that you cannot write well or even don’t know how to address a specific topic.

It is a lack of time or too many papers on your to-do list.

You cannot always plan your writing routines as necessary, and when you are left face to face with a deadline, you need to act on it.

Addressing custom writing services is an easy, professional, and wise way out. If you don’t do it as a habit, it is completely legit and harmless.

You share the requirements for your academic paper, and some suitable writer deals with it within the given timeframe.

It is important to choose a reliable essay writing service because otherwise, you may end up with more problems than before.

Look for a company that has at least 3-5 years long experience in the market, and if you have any questions, address support team representatives.

Actually, it is very important to ask questions because answers will show you whether this company is actually interested in its clients.

Check on guarantees that are offered with each order and ask about general policies, such as free revisions, etc. You should see the Terms and Conditions section on some visible, easy-to-access places.

Try to Get in “I Need Writing Help” Situations Less Often

It is obvious advice, but the truth is that the more often you have problems with planning and writing, proofreading, and submitting your paper on time, the less helpful any of our tips will be.

You cannot delegate all of your assignments to some agency, as it is your educational path, and you need to be responsible for at least the most writing.

That is why the key advice here is to track how often you have problems with your papers and if it is an unstoppable process, you need to change something from the core.

Deal with Routines and Writing Habits

Start with tracking your routines. It will help to see what really fills your day and your week.

Most probably, the secret to your writing problem is not in the difficulty of the papers but in how you organize your time.

When you track what you do during the day, even for a week or less, you will see what you waste time that could be spent on research, writing, etc.

Of course, you cannot deal with all the bad time-sucking habits at once, you will need to focus on one thing at a time.

Also, you need to track your productivity during the day. There are several chronotypes (four basic ones), and they affect how effective you are in what you do in the morning, in the day, and in the evening.


Writing problems are very common among college students. We bet there are no students who have never been stressed before the deadline.

However, getting into trouble, we behave differently.

Some people stall, not knowing what to do next, and some people act, finding opportunities and crashing the obstacles.

Here, we have offered you several viable solutions for your paper writing problem — from the ones with immediate results to the ones that require some strategic thinking and long-term effort investment.

The best outcome can be reached by uniting all these paths into one road. Use services to deal with the current issues, but also invest in additional writing education to avoid such problems in the future.

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