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College Students are Transferring

Written by CB Experts

One third of all students who attend college will transfer from their first college of choice before earning their degree, and sometimes they will do so more than once. A new study finds students transfer at all levels: across state lines, between public and private schools, from four-year to two-year institutions, and representing both full- and part-time students. Students are even transferring post-degree.

There are certain trends that are being noted. Most transfers come during the sophomore year, although the study followed students through a five-year cycle. Other trends include switching from private colleges to public schools and from four-year programs to two-year programs. The most common destination of college transfers is now to community colleges, perhaps because of lower costs.

At any rate, students are becoming more mobile. This mobility may require better policies for transfer students, like credit transfers; better services to help with transfer applications; and directing programs to help students adapt and adjust beyond the first year.

Another indication is that students do not have to make choosing a college their final and no exit decision. There will always be a right fit for college students.

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