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College Students, Beware!

Written by CB Experts

Cash and electronics like computers, cell phones, etc. are necessary for college students, but people are out to steal them, all, even your identification; and college is just the place for them to prey on unsuspecting and busy students. Think dorms, roommates, classmates, and a host of valuables and valuable information and how they pair up.

Here are some ways to help you keep your valuables safe.

  • Make sure to insure your property before you leave for the campus. This will help you replace anything stolen without too much pain. If you are renting off campus be sure to get renters insurance. It’s far cheaper than replacing electronics and furnishings.
  • Make an inventory of what you have that is valuable and take pictures of it. This will help you make claims and replace what you have if it is stolen, and, will also help you remember what you loaned out at the end of the year.
  • Never leave anything behind unattended. You might think your dorm room is safe or the library is a holy place, but anyone could take advantage of your naivety. Keep everything with you. Portable electronics are more expensive sometimes but easier to keep safe.
  • Protect your data. Your name, birth date, and address are sometimes all that is needed to access an account or put someone on the way to identity fraud. Keep your information locked away and guarded. And, do not share too much information on social media.

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