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The Easiest Way for College Students to Learn the Guitar by Themselves 

Written by CB Community

The guitar is by far, the most popular musical instrument in the world and recently there have been huge surges in guitar sales as they become even more popular than ever.

Especially among college students.

Some local instrument shops experienced huge sales during 2020. One Boston music shop said their guitar sales went through the roof during Covid. The Financial Times reported on sofa guitarists helping to push sales, and Fender announced a record year.

However, initial interest and enthusiasm often dwindle away, and guitars are left to gather dust. Perhaps if there was an easy way to learn, guitars wouldn’t be discarded so quickly?

Why Learn the Guitar?

Students applying for college or university need to use any edge they can to get selected over other candidates. Creative and musical talents are very useful in this regard.

When you are building up your portfolio for your college application, it helps to add in some interests and talents. Playing the guitar or another musical instrument is a worthy addition to any portfolio.

There are, though, lots of other reasons to choose the guitar. Learning this instrument teaches many good qualities such as patience and perseverance, and leads to higher levels of confidence.

Which Guitar to Choose?

Many online guides will tell you that you should pick this guitar or that one. For your first guitar, you should pick the one that suits you the most.

If you have a keen interest in learning the acoustic guitar, then you are more likely to practice and learn, than you would with an electric one.

Alternatively, you may find that an electric guitar is physically easier to hold and play. The strings are lighter, lower, and closer together on an electric guitar.

Perhaps one option is to look for a second-hand guitar in good condition for your first purchase. Search online and notice boards at schools and colleges.

Before you can learn and start belting out chords on a guitar, you need to select the right instrument.

After you get a guitar you will want to start learning to play. A new instrument may seem daunting at first, but the guitar doesn’t have to be too difficult.

Find Somewhere Quiet to Practice

If you are already in college then finding space alone to practice may be difficult. See if there are music rooms or classrooms that are available at favorable times.

Having space to yourself where you can practice without disturbance is key to your learning. You want to be able to put in regular practice sessions to improve your ability, all the while doing so without being conscious of others listening in.

You will make mistakes when learning, and having some private space will allow you to grow in confidence in peace.

There are also several health benefits to playing musical instruments that are well documented. Having a peaceful practice area can help you enjoy those benefits more.

Use the Internet and Modern Technology

You may want to employ the use of a music teacher, and they will surely help you to improve your skills and show you techniques.

However, if you are unable to afford a teacher, or prefer to learn alone, there are many tools available.

One way to help improve your playing is to use music-education services. There are a number of apps and websites that can assist with improving your skills.

Some apps will help you to learn how to read music – very useful – and others can help with chords.

One particular music-education service can take a song from Deezer or YouTube, and transform it into a series of chords. Some chords are difficult to learn, and using these services to play your favorite songs can make things more fun.

When you are trying to learn different chords, then any help will be appreciated, so try one of the available apps.

Get a Metronome

Don’t underestimate the benefits of using different tools and apps to learn the guitar. A metronome will help you to play the guitar with better technique.

When you are trying to learn a new song, it is important to slow it down at first to play all the notes properly. A metronome will force you to play at the correct rhythm.

Choose Music That You Like

One way to make learning the guitar easier is to make it fun. Don’t try practicing for ten hours in a row because you once read that your guitar hero did. Practice regularly but with intent.

Learn songs that you like instead of ones that you think you ought to learn. You really shouldn’t have to play Stairway to Heaven or Smoke on the Water if you don’t want to.


Hobbies can sometimes help you get into college and musical knowledge might be one of those ways. However, the key to learning any instrument is having a passion for it and enjoying playing.

If you make your practice sessions fun, try songs that you like, and use music-education services to simplify things such as chords, you are more likely to succeed.

This is how you make learning easier, by making it enjoyable.

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