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Colleges are Meeting New Career Demands

Written by CB Experts

Colleges are beginning to offer both courses and degree programs in the fastest-growing career opportunities for the future. Maybe you should e thinking about these kinds of college degrees.

Infomatics – IT meets medicine where there is a growing need for capturing and analyzing medical and biomedical information. Degree programs are appearing in the fields of medical technicians and medical records.

Security – Homeland security is growing. Now over 300 colleges offer courses in homeland security, and there are 75 degree programs offered. Students now study critical infrastructure and emergency planning.

– Cyber security for personal and industrial computers is also a fast-growing job opportunity Most require graduate degree programs that are appearing across the country.

Health – The health field is consistently a fast-growing job market but now public and global health is a new area of growth. To study effects of AIDS and obesity over 200 health education degree programs are available.

Environmental studies – More and more colleges are offering degrees in green education that cross disciplines like science and law.

Nanotech – Nanotech involves whatever is not visible to the naked eye. New degrees are available in computer hardware/software, green energy, and medicine.

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