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4 Reasons Why Colleges Should Be Using Lanyards

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No matter what setting, everybody can benefit from using lanyards. Whether it’s holding an identification card (ID) or a couple of knick-knacks, the lanyard has consistently proven how essential it is in performing everyday tasks.

Lanyards are especially helpful in a school setting. There are many ways to use them, from students and staff wearing identification cards to custodians handling a clump of keys.

To elaborate further, read on to find out how custom lanyards can contribute not only to a more organized but also a safer school environment.

Why Should Schools Use Them?

Whether people notice it or not, the humble lanyard has much to offer to everyone at school. Here are only some of the reasons why they are essential in this institution.

1. Identification

The lanyard is primarily used for identification purposes. It is used to hold the ID in a manner that others can easily see it.

Hence, when another person may question whether you’re affiliated with the school or not, they can quickly check your ID.

However, lanyards work beyond holding IDs. They are identifiers themselves. For example, students and staff could wear one lanyard color while school guests wear lanyards of a different color.

Thus, people can easily pinpoint or assist somebody who might have been invited to the school.

2. Safety and Security

Security is a major issue in a lot of schools. There have been several reports of unfortunate and even tragic incidents happening in a school zone.

As a response to these events, school administrations everywhere are increasing their vigilance and putting more security measures in place to ensure the safety of the staff and especially the students.

As mentioned earlier, lanyards are effective identifiers. If all persons connected to a school wear lanyards, anyone not wearing a lanyard will immediately stand out.

Students can report them to school authorities and have them checked for security purposes.

3. Organization

In terms of use, it is easy to misplace small items like IDs and keys. You can lose them in your bag or simply forget them in a public space, like a table or a cubicle. Using these items with a lanyard makes them more visible and easier to spot.

Moreover, since they are secured with a lanyard, you are less likely to forget them.

Meanwhile, in terms of organizing people—such as on a school field trip—lanyards make it easy to pinpoint which people are in your group and those who are not.

After all, not all schools mandate uniforms to wear, so a bright-colored lanyard would make it easier to spot and keep in line big groups of students.

4. School Pride

Similar to how people wear school colors in sports games and competitions, wearing a custom school lanyard is one way to instill school pride.

After all, people love wearing items that depict brands, figures, or institutions that they support.Having a lanyard worn around your neck is a visible way of showing your support or affiliation with the school.

There are countless ways to do this. You can distribute the lanyard as part of the acceptance care packages for incoming students. If the school is divided into factions, you can have different lanyards for each faction.

Lastly, lanyards also make great souvenirs for any type of event, such as fundraisers, field trips, or holiday-themed shows.

Why Lanyards?

Even with the new advancements in technology for identifying people and security measures, the humble lanyard remains essential in people’s daily lives. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Handy — Lanyards are lightweight, easy to use, and safe to wear. Wearing them is instinctual and requires little to no instruction on how they work.
  • Multifunctional — You can hold a variety of small items on lanyards aside from IDs and keys. Some of the other things they can hold are bottle openers, mini-notebooks, event passes, whistles, and pens.
  • Affordable — Lanyards are a great investment because you can purchase many pieces at affordable prices. Moreover, plenty of manufacturers offer a lower price per piece the higher the number of lanyards you order. Hence, you can buy them in bulk and have enough lanyards to distribute across the school.
  • Customizable — Lanyards come in various lengths, widths, and designs. Your lanyards could be as simple or stylish as you wish, which opens a lot of opportunities for you to create something unique and creative.

If you’re not sure how to design it or purchase it, there are many things that you can try. You can hold a design contest among students, wherein the winner gets a prize and has their design used for the next batch of lanyards.

And because of its affordable production costs, you can sell it in fundraisers to acquire money for maintenance fees or school events.

Overall, it becomes evident that lanyards have a crucial role to play in a school setting. From security measures to instilling school pride, the use of lanyards clearly goes beyond just holding an ID.

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