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Common Mistakes on College Applications

Written by CB Experts

Admissions officers at colleges are looking for the best college applications. Some things stand out quickly as glaring errors that allow them to separate the chaff from the wheat with barely a glance.

Put your best foot forward on your college application by avoiding these errors:
• Misspellings
• Grammatical errors
• Blank spaces and missing information
• Missing signatures
• Illegible writing.

Other mistakes to avoid on your college application are
• Allowing a parent to fill out your application – They can tell.
• Failing to make sure an online application is received -You should always get a confirmation email or webpage response; if not, contact the college.
• Failing to respond to all correspondence from a college – They keep a correspondence file on applicants, and even a simple thank you for information you receive helps.
• Stretching the truth -It always comes up when cross checking.
• Leaving out your high school guidance counselor –S/he is responsible for helping you with recommendations and sending your transcripts.

Make sure you read you applications carefully, make sure you are getting in all the information and supplements asked for, and proofread your work before you send.

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