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The 5 Most Common Resume Mistakes

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In the recruiting process, there are various stages starting from posting the application to sending a job offer, and your resume is your first impression to a potential employer.

A few resume mistakes can disqualify you from a job before you ever have a chance to interview.

Make sure your resume is perfect by avoiding these common mistakes:

1. Wrong Formatting

Formatting your resume wrong is one of the most common mistakes people make, especially when you build a resume without any help from online CV makers.

The good news is that it is also one of the easiest to fix. Moreover, if your resume is formatted incorrectly, potential employers will likely ignore it.

Some of the common formatting mistakes are resume fonts, font size, and format. Look at the below-mentioned tips on how to format your resume correctly:

  • Use a standard font, like Times New Roman or Arial
  • Use a 12-point font size
  • Make sure the margins are set to one inch all around
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph
  • Use bullets or numbers to organize information
  • Do not use text boxes or decorative fonts
  • Save your resume as a PDF file

2. Typos and Grammatical Errors

Typos and grammatical errors can cost you your dream job. A study by CareerBuilder found that 58% of employers will not even interview a candidate if they find typos on their resume.

Grammatical errors make you look unprofessional and like you do not care about the details, and typos make you look careless and uneducated.

Hiring managers often take note of these mistakes and may assume that you are not detail-oriented or do not have a good grasp of the English language. It is vital to proofread your resume carefully before sending it out.

Have someone else look it over and take advantage of online tools, such as Grammarly that can help you catch mistakes.

3. Unprofessional Photo

We have all been there. You are job hunting, and you need to submit a resume. However, you do not have any professional photos, so you just snap one with your phone.

BIG mistake.

One of the common resume mistakes is having an unprofessional photo. This can make you look like you do not take your job hunt seriously.

Also, it can make it seem like you are not qualified for the job. If you do not have a professional photo, do not worry. Just skip the photo altogether.

A resume without a photo is better than a resume with a bad photo.

The most common reason employers reject candidates is because of unprofessional photos (44%), followed by inappropriate content (38%) and posts that show poor communication skills (32%).

4. Inappropriate Email Address

It is important to always be sure that your resume is free of any mistakes. However, it is crucial to make sure that your email address is correct and professional.

Employers often google potential employees, and if they come across an email address like, they are not likely to consider you for the position.

It is essential to use an email address that is professional and reflects the image you want to portray. The professional email addresses include only name and surname, avoiding numbers or signs.

Some examples of professional email addresses are or It is important to double-check your resume before sending it out and ensuring that you have the most appropriate email address.

5. Exaggerating the Experience

One of the most common mistakes is exaggerating or fabricating work experience. Sometimes candidates stretch the truth about their job titles, dates of employment, or responsibilities.

Other times, they may outright lie about having worked for a company or having received a certain degree.

Whatever the case may be, embellishing your resume is always a bad idea. It can easily lead to discrepancies down the road and may even get you fired if you are caught.

Plus, it makes you look untrustworthy to potential employers.

So, instead of stretching the truth, focus on highlighting your actual accomplishments and experience. This will help you stand out positively and increase your chances of getting the job.


Finally, you can use an online resume maker to avoid facing the issues mentioned above regarding the overall formatting design.

However, you should be attentive and include only professional and accurate content.

Employers are allowed to reach out to your previous company and get feedback about you and your past working experience.

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